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Rich Coach Day


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Dan Kennedy - Rich Coach Day

Dan Kennedy – Rich Coach Day

Dan Kennedy – Rich Coach Day [6 CDs (MP3) 5 DVDs (AVI) 1 Manual (PDF)]

Has there ever been a time more urgent for exploring new frontiers?

Creating new, extra sources of income?

Creating a million dollar business from scratch at blinding speed?

The trauma in the economy isn’t anywhere near over, in fact, it’ll soon turn even uglier, and if you just mush on doing the same things, the same way, in the same business, you’re slaughter waiting to happen. NOW is THE time for new, better opportunity and very bold action.

Here are a few of the things you’ll discover at Rich Coach Day…

* Why you needn’t question your ability to coach: it’s not about being the infallible Answer Man!
* The 5 key reasons people want and buy coaching & how to align what you offer with these surprisingly complex motivations
* How to design, sell and deliver Coaching that satisfies different needs and interests of different people with a single program
* How to decide on the best “deliverables” for your customers – and for you
* How to avoid building a trap for yourself, that you’ll hate even when successful
* Key mistakes NOT to make from the beginning – or, how to “unwind” from them if you do
* How to make the smartest fee/price decisions
* How to present the price for Coaching programs and services most persuasively
* Shortcuts to selling Coaching; to filling groups quickly
* Pros, cons and tips re. doing it all yourself or involving others in delivery
* Options for financing big-ticket coaching purchases
* And, of course…The 10 Coaching Business Blueprints…

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