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A – Z Blueprint Seminar Home Study Course


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Dan Kennedy’s - A - Z Blueprint Seminar Home Study Course

Dan Kennedy’s – A – Z Blueprint Seminar Home Study Course

The A-Z Blueprint Seminar Home Study Course

Here’s a partial list of topics discussed, by Bill Glazer at the Information Marketing Business Development Blueprint Seminar:

* Seven Decisions the New Info-Marketer Needs to Make
* How to Evaluate a Niche or Subculture Market
* How to Thoroughly ‘Profile’ the Prospective Customer
* How to Leverage the Affinity You Have with a Niche
* How to Create a Relationship with a Niche You Have NO Affinity With
* How to Get Testimonials When You Just Start Out in a Niche
* How to Get GREAT Testimonials From Customers/Members
* How to Use Your Lead Generation Strategies to Give You a Whole Lot More Information About Your Market Than JUST New Leads
* A Close Look at a Beginning, Simple Marketing Funnel
* An Inside Look at the 6 Year Evolution of Bill’s Marketing Funnel
* An Inside Look at Bill’s 2004 Marketing Funnel
* How to Create Joint Ventures That Produce Good Leads @ Bargain Cost
* How to Work Effectively With Trade Journals and Associations
* How to Systemize and Automate the Entire Marketing Funnel
* How to Grow Rapidly with Minimum Staff
* How to Find the Right Staff for an Info-Marketing Business (#1 headache I hear!)
* When to Give Up the Front-End and Concentrate on the Back-End
* The Easiest Ways to Create Back-End Products
* Different Coaching Program Models to Consider
* Outside-The-Box Lead Generation Strategies (Like “The Industry Survey”)
* Successful Uses of Audio-Tapes and CDs as Sales Tools
* How to Sell Via Trade Shows, Seminars and Speaking Opportunities
* How to (Legally) Use Broadcast FAX
* How to Mine Unconverted Leads 12 To 36 Months After Acquisition
* How to Build the Most Saleable Info-Products/Kits
* How to Minimize Refunds
* How to Maximize Referrals
* THE COMPLETE BUSINESS BLUEPRINT – Used for Bill’s ‘BGS Marketing’ Business
* How to Maximize Profits AND Customer Value with ‘Forced Continuity’
* How to Front-End a Newsletter
* How an “Offline Guy” Uses the Internet Painlessly and Profitably
* An Inside Look at the Financial Truths of Info-Businesses: Actual Revenues, Costs, Profits, etc. (Real Case Histories)
* How to Identify Missed Opportunities in Your Info-Business Plan
* 7 Most Frequently Made Mistakes to Avoid
* How to Expand from One Niche to Multiple Niches – How I’m Doing It Now
* How to ‘Negotiate’ with Media to Make Sure You Get the Best Deal…Even After They Already Said You’ve Got the Best Price
* How to Analyze New Vendors to Avoid a Business Nightmare
* Copywriting Formulas and Shortcuts (Bill will give you his own copywriting questionnaire that he personally uses before he writes any copy for a client or himself.) Frank Discussion on Outsourcing vs. Doing it In-House (The Pros and Cons)
* When Do You Give Up on a Niche

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