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Traffic Academy - Dan Kennedy

Traffic Academy – Dan Kennedy

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“Discover How To Create A Never-Ending Gusher Of Traffic And Qualified Leads So You’ll Never Have To Worry About Where Your Next Customer, Clients Or Patients Will Come From…”

Here’s What’s Working Now When It Comes To Creating More Certainty And Sustainably…And Less “Random Spurts Of Income”…For Your Business.

Dear Savvy Entrepreneur,

Let’s face it…getting traffic to your website or storefront can be a teeth-grinding affair.

That is, unless you have a proven, reliable system for “flicking a switch” and watching qualified prospects come to YOU.

We want to show you how to summon a surge of traffic to any website or storefront using a proprietary system GKIC has used over and over again to drive targeted leads.

And there’s one thing we’ve discovered after 15 years in business:

When It Comes To Traffic, You Need To Diversify Or Die.

Too many entrepreneurs rely on one or two sources of traffic to drive qualified leads to their business.

They rely too much on Joint venture or Affiliate traffic—which means they’ll have the occasional “spurt” of income—but nothing that’s consistent and predictable.

Doing this will put you through frustrating times of “yo-yo” income where you have absolutely no idea how much traffic (or money) you’re going to make every month.

These days, you need multiple sources of traffic to build a sustainable business so that it can survive any potential downturn and provide you and your family with ample income.

You cannot just rely solely on pay-per-click traffic because the search engines could always change their rules literallyovernight.

And you cannot rely solely on free search engine traffic because Google changes their search engine algorithms all the time. Just ask anyone in the SEO industry: what worked 3-6 months ago no longer works today.

Get Ready To Ride The Income Roller-Coaster If You Don’t Have A Diversified Portfolio Of Traffic Sources…

You’ll constantly be jumping from “Shiny Object” to “Shiny Object”—trying one traffic source from another until you stumble across something that seems to work for a couple weeks.

You’ll also get frustrated because it will be impossible to determine how much money you’re going to make by the end of the month because your sources of traffic will be unpredictable.

You’ll also be vulnerable to learning from certain “gurus” who teach yesterday’s strategies regarding traffic that may have worked in 2001, but not today.

We know it’s not a pretty picture. And that’s why having a diversified portfolio of traffic sources will give you:

  • Certainty and sustainability in your business
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Less worries and strife in your business
  • An “unfair advantage” over your competition
  • Passive income so you don’t have to be trying to “hustle” for customers, clients or patients all the time.

Life will just get easier because you’ll no longer have to fret about where you’re going to get your next customers, clients or patients.

You just have to make sure all of your marketing (offline and online) is in place and literally “turn on the spigot” and get more of your ideal customers, clients and patients come to your website or storefront at will.

And we’re not just talking about just plain “traffic”…but targeted traffic who are ready to buy from you—not just “looky loos” and tire kickers you’ll have to “throw back” once you get ’em.

That’s why:

GKIC’s Elite Are Coming Together To Reveal “What’s What” When It Comes To Driving Traffic:

Best part: these aren’t people who just “talk the talk.” They really practice what they preach.

And now you can sidestep years of trial and error trying to “figure it out” yourself when you take action today and invest in:

Traffic Academy

12 Trainings Of “What’s Working Now” In Traffic Generation So You’ll Never Have To Worry About Where You’re Next Customer Will Come From.

Think about being able to accurately predict how many customers, clients or patients are going to come to your website or storefront 3,6…even 12 months from now.

This is about total immersion—where you’ll be submersed in the hottest topics in advanced lead generation: from LinkedIn to Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Affiliate/Joint-Ventures, and much more.

This is about creating your portfolio of never-ending traffic—where you can easily “flick the switch” and have your ideal customers, clients or patients come to you.

This is the principle of Magnetic Marketing that we teach here at GKIC: that you can easily have your ideal customers, clients or patients come to YOU…

…vs. having to go out and try to chase them like your competition. In fact:

Once You Finish Traffic Academy, Your Competitors Won’t Know What Hit’ em…

Traffic Academy consists of this critical money-making component that’ll make you sleep better at night knowing you’re siphoning leads and customers to your website and storefront while you sleep:

Moneymaking Component #1: 12 FULL Trainings of Traffic Academy (Retail Value: $2,364.00). You’ll get 12 Training Sessions with Lead Generation Experts delivered where they’ll expose late-breaking insights to mastering the hottest topics on Advanced Lead Generation: LinkedIn, Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Affiliate/Joint-Venture Partners, and much more.

Each session includes a Step-by-Step Implementation Plan making it easy to turn what you discover into quick results.

  • Training #1 – Affiliate Marketing with Dush Ramachandran
  • Training #2 – Facebook Marketing with Kim Walsh-Phillips
  • Training #3 – Youtube Traffic Tsunami with Mike Stewart
  • Training #4 – LinkedIn Domination with Josh Turner
  • Training #5 – Content Marketing Using Facebook with Brittany Lynch
  • Training #6 – Native Advertising with Justin Brooke
  • Training #7 – Mass Media Attention with Michael Taggart
  • Training #8 – Youtube Ads with Tom Breeze
  • Training #9 – Traffic Through Facebook with Brian Hahn
  • Training #10 – Gmail Ads with Rob Warner
  • Training #11 – Telephone Traffic with Erica DelSignore
  • Training #12 – Amazon Traffic with Bond Halbert

Imagine How Much You’ll Sleep Better At Night When You’re Getting Hordes Of Traffic And Leads From Multiple Sources?

And think about how much certainty, stability and confidence you’ll have knowing you are bringing in leads and customers from a variety of sources so you’ll never have to fret about your business again.

If you think about it, this is like having 15 traffic courses in one mega program. It would otherwise take you weeks and thousands of dollars to buy the courses, read the books and hire each of these traffic experts to “pick their brain” so you can create your personal “Traffic-Getting” plan for your business.

However, with Traffic Academy, we’re giving you everything on a silver platter. That means you won’t have to cobble together a plan for getting traffic to your website or storefront on your own—from a variety of sources—and “hope and pray” things work out.

This package should be at least worth $4,995 considering you could easily make that investment back and MORE when you take action on these strategies and start creating your OWN gusher of leads and customers to your business.

But when you take action by the end of this Weekend, we’ll give you immediate access to Traffic Academy for only $997…or a single investment of $366 today, followed two more investments of $366—30 and 60 days later…if you choose.

Listen: with just a handful of qualified customers, clients or patients you’ll be able to get thanks to Traffic Academy will make the investment worthwhile.

In fact, in some businesses, you only have to get one more customer, client or patient you wouldn’t have otherwise attracted—when you take into account the lifetime value of that customer.

But that’s not all:

You’ll Get Access To This Great Bonus Just For Taking Action This Weekend:

Top Secret Ninja Funnels (Worth $997)

This program is the “bread and butter” behind the GKIC marketing machine that routinely cranks out 4x, 5x to 6x what every customer spends. And now you can “easily” move these “Profit Multipliers” into your own business…whether you are a Brick and Mortar or an Online business..

This Special Bonuses Disappear Immediately on Tuesday, March 21st At Midnight So Take Action Right Now To Get This “Must-Have” Bonus!

Get Traffic Academy – Dan Kennedy now!

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