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The Phenomenon


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Dan Kennedy - The Phenomenon

Dan Kennedy – The Phenomenon

Achieve More In the Next 12 Months Than the Previous 12 Years
Would you like to know the secrets to achieving more in your next 12 months? Here is your chance to learn about the PHENOMENON and see how successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and economic backgrounds have taken these secrets and created the ultimate lifestyle and income.
The PHENOMENON transports you through a portal most people do not even know exists…into a different world…with different ‘rules’ than you’ve been conditioned to believe… where ‘regular people’ achieve extraordinary goals at amazing SPEED. This book is fast-paced, so you will undoubtedly want to review it more than once. It is fast-moving, exciting, inspiring, and provocative. It takes you into the lives, businesses and life experiences of almost 2 dozen successful entrepreneurs who have experienced The Phenomenon ™ in their own lives. But, entertaining as it might be, it’s primary purposes are as practical as a hammer and nails on a construction site. And, above all else, its purpose is to give you thorough, in-depth insight and understanding of The PHENOMENON


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