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Pet Promotions Swipe File


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Dan Kennedy - Pet Promotions Swipe File

Dan Kennedy – Pet Promotions Swipe File

Product Description


Strategies that Differentiate your Business from the Competition

Endear yourself to your readers and set yourself apart from your competition by opening up and sharing a piece of your life with them. It’s a simple and proven-to-work marketing tactic.

Some of The Best Pet Promotions Ever Written

Mine great ideas from top-notch promotions that use pets to build a unbreakable bond with their readers. After all, why reinvent the wheel when there are so many great marketing ideas out there that have already tested and proven? Even the best marketers in the world use swipe files!

Ideas and Strategies on How To Use Pets To Skyrocket Sales

Discover how a business coach used “Wilber” the Cat to convey a more personal tone to their work, how a dentist returned $20.00 for every marketing dollar invested by featuring his pets, and learn about a pet promotion tactic that is more POWERFUL than photos with captions, plus much, much more.

The Famous Homer Letter

Written by Glazer Kennedy’s crackerjack copywriter Robert Philips, it’s a letter overflowing with ideas and phrases you can borrow to have man’s best friend successfully sell one of your products or services.

Both Print and Electronic Versions

Read or take Ultimate Pets Promotions Swipe File and CD

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