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GKIC – 12 Weeks to Market Domination


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Dan Kennedy - GKIC - 12 Weeks to Market Domination

Dan Kennedy – GKIC – 12 Weeks to Market Domination

WARNING: Do Not Close This Page Your Order Is Not Complete!

“Congratulations on Taking Action to Put the Power of Magnetic Marketing to Work for Your Business… Now Take a Moment to Discover How You Can Have GKIC Literally Take You Buy the Hand as You Apply These Strategies To Your Business To Dominate ANY Market In Just 12 Short Weeks!”

Yes! GKIC Can Take You By The Hand And Guide You Step-By-Step As You Apply the Principles of Magnetic Marketing Over 12 Weeks… So You Can Dominate Your Market And Leave Your Competitors Struggling For Leads!

You’ll Get PROVEN “Connect-The-Dots” Templates You Can Use For Your Marketing Materials AND Get Personal Attention So You Don’t Make Mistakes Those “Other” Business Are Making. Only 65 Spots Are Available So Keep Reading!

Dear Renegade Marketer,

Now that you have chosen to move ahead on the path of “Magnetic Marketing” for your business, one thing is clear.

If you are looking to leap to the FRONT of the pack by using this comprehensive, integrated package of strategies, templates, and tools – all designed to enable you to DOMINATE your market -then you need to make sure you don’t fall prey to “Maybe… Tomorrow… Syndrome.”

Maybe… Tomorrow… Syndrome is where you grab a package like “Magnetic Marketing,” consume it ravenously, and then… stuff happens and you never get back to it. Which puts you no further ahead than before – because you’re leaving all the power of Magnetic Marketing stuck in a box gathering dust on a shelf.


Because even though Magnetic Marketing can make all the difference in the world to a business, without IMPLEMENTATION nothing changes. And it’s a tale we’ve heard over and again, by customers who tell us, “If only there was a way to hold my feet to the fire so I produced the magnetic marketing materials I need to transform my business…”

If you’re worried that this could be the case with you… that perhaps Magnetic Marketing could become yet another great idea gathering dust on a shelf…

Then you need to pay close attention, as this might be the incredible opportunity that you have been looking for. BUT you need to ACT NOW as it’s only available for the first 65 lucky participants who sign up.

This message is going to be unlike any message you’ve ever read. It might even make you a tad uncomfortable and might uncover some GLARING holes in your business.

But that’s OK. There’s a reason I’m spending my time writing this letter to you. That’s because this message is going to get right down to the nitty-gritty and tell you one simple thing that your competitors will NEVER know:

How To Make Sure You Put “Magnetic Marketing” To Use in the Fastest Way Possible… So You Can Finally Have All The Customers, Clients And Patients You Can Handle… And Leave The SCRAPS For Your Competitors!

12 Weeks To Market Domination is a step-by-step, “color by numbers” program that’ll effortlessly guide you regarding what works for GKIC, Dan Kennedy and the legion of under-qualified millionaires and multimillionaires who live lives of wealth, significance and contribution.

We will share with you the exact templates, materials and strategies we use to market GKIC to the masses…including the system Dan Kennedy has implemented for clients for the past 40 years in the biz.

This is big. GKIC has NEVER unveiled the curtain and showed you EXACTLY what we do to really rake in the dough to create multi-million dollar product launches, maintain memberships in the tens of thousands, and summon hundreds of people to our international events.

Best part? It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your business…even if:

  • You’re already kicking ass and taking names and are looking for some new tricks that could put your business to a whole new level. Listen: just one “A-ha” moment could generate a HUGE burst of wealth for your business and could put you in the money zone in no time!
  • You’re just getting started and are learning the ropes. Well this is perfect for you because it’s going to shave you TONS of time bumbling and stumbling around trying to figure it out yourself. Dan Kennedy uses these secrets himself to earn 7-figures/year… and you can easily follow in his footsteps!
  • You’re already in business but things have stagnated the past year or so. No big deal…we’ve all been there.12 Weeks To Market Domination is going to reveal secrets that’ll allow you to sell in a vacuum thanks to Dan Kennedy’s PROVEN marketing systems. I’m living testament that this works…and they
    can work for you as well!

Here’s How 12 Weeks To Market Domination
Is Going To Effortlessly Guide You
Toward Business Success…

…and nope, I’m not just going to give you a bunch of audios, videos and transcripts and call it a day.

Every week you’ll get an email with a specific action plan for the week. That way you can work in bite-sized chunks…instead of feeling like you’re drinking water through a firehose…

…to the point that you’ll feel overwhelmed and not take any action at all!

That’s the beauty of 12 Weeks To Market Domination. It’s spread over 12 weeks so you have plenty of time to take action while you’re going about your everyday business.

Yes, you WILL have to work. But you’ll be working in a focused manner that’s “chunked down” week by week so you don’t get overwhelmed.

You see, most programs would just give you a bunch of audios and videos and leave you to fend for yourself. But that’s not what 12 Weeks To Market Domination is about.

When you’re one of the first 65 people to take action…

You’ll Get Fill In The Blank, Proven Results
Templates That’ll Save You YEARS
Of Trial And Error!

Listen…the 12 Weeks To Marketing Program is all about taking action and results. And I
want you to get results as fast as possible…so you’re not left scratching your head confused and wondering what to do next.

That’s why we’re also going to throw in “fill-in-the-blank” templates you can use to get
results quickly. Some of these templates go for $5000 and up because they save so much time and guarantee results quickly…and they include the following PROVEN templates:

  • Lead Generation Magnet template
  • Postcard Template
  • Sales Letter Template
  • Landing Page Template
  • Newsletter Template
  • Email Newsletter Template

Listen: these are the exact templates we use here at GKIC…but you’ll get to use them for your own business. This alone is worth the price of the program because they’re going to save you a BUNCH of time and guarantee your going to get resultsquickly!

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’re Going To Discover
That’ll Accelerate Your Income In 12 Weeks!

  • The 2 most recommended formats for lead generation magnet…we’ve tested…tested…and tested again what people WANT when it comes to consuming information…and this won big time!
  • The PROVEN Template of persuasive power for the lead generation magnet. Most people botch this up and think it’s all about giving “good content”. That’s just ONE aspect of GKIC’s PROVEN formula for creating a persuasive lead generation magnet…you’ll get the rest when you buy today!
  • How to create your lead generation magnet in as little as 15 minutes (no need for “slick” stuff here…just follow these simple steps and you’ll be attracting your ideal customers, clients and patients in no time!)
  • The #1 biggest mistake most people make when it comes to their website. This is like throwing all your potential profits down the toilet…yet most people screw this up big time!
  • What your competition doesn’t know about getting a cold prospect’s attention…and how you can use a simple tool to cut through the clutter that’s going on in their lives and get them to do business with you (Nobody else does this!)
  • The PROVEN 11-Step system for effortlessly churning leads into sales. This proven system has raked in millions of dollars in sales for GKIC…and we’re going to serve it to you on a silver platter!
  • The #1 reason why you’re sabotaging your business success as we speak…and nope, it has nothing to do with “not getting more leads” (this system puts an iron cage around your customer so they’ll keep buying from you!)
  • The simple 7-step system for following up with prospects (if you can “cut and paste” and “drag and drop” you can make it work…and it’s about the cost of your monthly phone bill!)
  • How to stay in front of your customers and prospects so they’ll never run off to another competitor. Best part: there’s a way to do it that makes you a “welcome guest”…and NOT an “annoying pest!”
  • How many times you should email you customers, clients and patients. This is the ultimate answer to the age-old question…messing this up could erode your most important asset…
  • …And a whole LOT more!

Here’s What You’ll Get Done In 12
Weeks That’ll Skyrocket Your Business
Like A Vacuum On Steroids!

  • Lead generation capture postcard: if you’ve ever beaten yourself up a little wondering “what works” when it comes to postcards, then this is going to be your saving grace! You’ll follow GKIC’s proven formula to creating postcards that siphons leads like crazy!
  • Lead generation website: most people listen to clueless web designers regarding what works when it comes to websites. They encourage people to use a lot of Flash, fancy graphics and all kinds of other nonsense. We’ll walk you through what REALLY converts when it comes to lead generation so you’ll never have to worry again!
  • Direct mail letter and online sales letter: This is the “bread and butter” of advertising your website…we’ll walk you through step-by-step what you need to do right away in order to start converting leads into customers!
  • Autoresponder Series: Listen: the money is in the follow-up…and by the time you finish these 12 weeks you’ll have an email autoresponder series up and ready to go so you can transform “looky-loos” into customers. It’s like somebody gave you the keys to Fort Knox!
  • Print and email newsletter: Nurturing customers is where most people drop the ball. You’ve gone through all the trouble of getting these customers…now you’re going to use GKIC’s PROVEN format for email and print newsletters that’ll “fence in your herd” and ensure they’ll keep coming back for more!

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff you’ll be doing in 12 weeks! And I know you’re going to
have some questions or want a quick “double check” when you create these materials…which is why:

You’ll Get Access To GKIC’s Copywriters
That’ll Critique Your Marketing Materials So
You’ll Hit The Ground Running!

That’s right, you’re going to get personal attention when you
sign up today and start your 12 Weeks To Market
Domination. If you’re unsure if you’re using the right
headline or want to check and see if your emails are persuasive
enough…just send it to us and we’ll shoot you back a quick critique.

That means you’ll never be left all by yourself wondering
if you did things right…or if you messed something up.Just
don’t worry about it…send your piece to us, and we’ll get right back to you with suggestions.

So now let me ask you: how much is it worth to you to summon a 12-week turnaround in your business where you could double or triple your income?

Listen: if you can add some extra zeroes to your bank balance in a couple months…or add a
handful more customers, clients and patients to your business…ANY money you invest will be worthwhile…

…Especially since you’ll be repeat those steps over and over again in your business since you
NOW know what works. You’ll NOW know the magic alchemy that exists when specific steps
AND implementation are employed at the same time.

Considering that Dan Kennedy charges at least $100,000 to write a sales letter and charges
$18,800 to spend the day with him…

…and I personally charge $980 for an hour of my time…

…the amount should be in the high 4-5 figures…at least.

But when you’re the first 65 people who take action immediately, we’ll let you in for an
extremely low price of $3,697.

Or you can invest just $1397 today and split the investment up in two more payments 30 days
apart at $1397 each. Obviously, there’s some savings if you paid everything up front…but the
payment plan is there in case you’re on a budget.

Think about it: in most businesses that’s the sum equivalent of 1-3 extra customers, clients and patients when you consider the total lifetime customer value.

And if you’re making $100,000 per year…that’s just 2.5% of your total income…a modest investment if you ask me.

But you need to act fast because:

Only 65 People Will Be Let Into This Program
…And The Numbers Are Dwindling Fast!

Why limit the program to just 65 people? Since we’re giving you personal attention by having
our copywriters critique your marketing pieces, we don’t want to overload them. And we want to
give everyone as much attention as possible…

So 65 is the limit…

Now I know 12 Weeks To Market Domination is NOT cheap.It’s not designed to be cheap
because we want only the most serious people to work with us…especially since they’ll be getting feedback on their actual promotions from our copywriters.

Speaking of which…just one suggestion or tweak you’ll get from our copywriters when they
review your work could allow you to get that money back in no time.

I mean…let me ask you…who do YOU have looking over your marketing pieces, suggesting
changes, praising you for what you doing right, or providing a good “double check” before you
send it out?

Just having this capability for a whole year is worth the price by itself! But we’re not just doing that…we’re also giving you the 12 steps, the massive action guides…the WORKS!

And that’s not just including the templates that could save you YEARS of trial, error…and
“figuring it out” yourself.

Think about the value of your time…and the amount of time you could have easily wasted on campaigns that didn’t work, ineffective marketing strategies…or ill-advised marketing tactics you may have learned.

Get Dan Kennedy – GKIC – 12 Weeks to Market Domination now!


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