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Top Secret Ninja Funnels


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Dan Kennedy - Top Secret Ninja Funnels

Dan Kennedy – Top Secret Ninja Funnels

Ninja Funnels is a no-holds-barred

explication of the funnels we use at GKIC…along with other marketers who
are “in the know” with what works and what doesn’t when it comes to
converting leads into paying customers.

Dave Dee, the Chief
Marketing Officer of GKIC, and Darcy Juarez, the Director of Marketing,
diagram out GKIC’s proven and time-tested sales funnels and go into the
specific gritty details of what makes each funnel work.

discover our “secret” upsell sequence, how we follow up with certain
customers with direct mail, the pieces that have worked for us, and what
to avoid when it comes to siphoning your customers through your sales

Believe me:

This Isn’t A DVD You Just Watch Once And
Let It Sit On Your Bookshelf To Collect Dust!

You see, the difference between people who really rake it in…and “pretenders” who just live a settle-for life is one thing:

They just took action and followed in the footsteps of those who went before them. Pure and simple.

I am no genius…and have no skill and talent you don’t already have. I
just learned from people who went before me in the world of advertising
and marketing.

As Mark Twain said, “I just stood on the
shoulders of giants”. And you can too when you literally “copy and
paste” these proven marketing funnels …responsible for millions of
dollars in profit…into your OWN sales process!

When that big box
containing Ninja Funnels comes in a couple days, you could discover
couple steps you haven’t implemented…or didn’t think about in your own
sales funnel.

And they could also point out deficiencies in your current funnel that could have been leaving you scores of money on the table.

see, the “insider” information you’ll get when you watch every single
minute of Ninja Funnels will spark so many ideas in your head that you
might feel just a tad overwhelmed.

But that’s OK:

You Don’t Have To Implement Everything
At Once When You Start Taking Action
On These Ninja Funnels!

could implement one step tonight. Another step the next week. And
create a new product you can upsell your customers by next month.

the best part is you can start as soon as you get that big box on your
doorstep! You’ll discover how “top-secret” sales funnels we only
reveal at our big national events and our coaching and mastermind

Here are the 5 funnels you’ll discover:

Grab-N-Go $4.95 Money-Making Machine: This is THE funnel you need to
implement if you want to filter out free prospects from people who are
willing to yank out their wallet and buy. It instantly filters out your
hyper-active prospects…allowing you to segment your list and market to
each one by itself. This is stuff hardly anybody is doing!

The $0 to 6-Figure Escalator: This is a simple funnel that’ll show you
an easy way to sell a high-priced program. You’ll be able to
pre-qualify those that are truly interested in what you offer…instead of
“looky-loos” who will just waste your time. Just wait until you see
the direct mail sequence we recommend!

The Buckets O’ Cash
Generator: This funnel was a 100% offline direct mail campaign that
made the cash register ring continuously. And it doesn’t matter what
business you’re in…it can be equally as profitable for you too!

The 6x Converter: This funnel was used to increase the value of a
new member or product purchaser by 600%. This is what we used in our
last launch and the campaign is about 60 days long. There is an
automated evergreen back-end that is killer…you have to check it out.
All hands off on your part!

The Accidental Member Generator:
This funnel is a great way to instantly turn any request for free
information/downloads/etc. into an offer that 10%-20% will take
immediately. It works for memberships, products, or services. This is a
prime opportunity to segment your database by offering them “free” to
discover who is interested in buying!

Get Dan Kennedy – Top Secret Ninja Funnels now!

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