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The Direct Mail Solution


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Dan Kennedy - The Direct Mail Solution

Dan Kennedy – The Direct Mail Solution

Fact: More commerce and wealth is created by direct mail than by any other media (true before the internet and true now)
Reported in 2013 as the marketing channel that “delivers the best ROI for customer acquisition and retention” by Target Marketing’s Seventh Annual Media Usage Forecast survey of B2C, direct mail is surprisingly outdated and under-represented on the marketing bookshelves for small business owners — authors Simpson and Kennedy change that. Millionaire-maker Dan S. Kennedy and direct mail marketing specialist Craig Simpson urge small business owners to drive the momentum built via social media and other marketing avenues into the mailboxes of their target consumers. Unlike other direct mail marketing books on the shelf that specialize in one aspect of preparing a campaign such as copywriting or design, this comprehensive solution covers all — the organizational, technical, and creative including designing, budgeting, tracking, and assessing effectiveness. Also covered is how direct mail can be used in today’s online marketing funnels. Benefiting from the authors’ combined 30 years in direct marketing, business owners are given the guidelines for what works and what doesn’t, illustrated by real-life business campaigns that show step-by-step how to build a results-producing promotional campaign.

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