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Professional Speakers Business Training 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Professional Speakers Business Training 2021

Dan Kennedy – Professional Speakers Business Training 2021



Professional Speakers Business Training


Information Marketing: Step-by-step the strategies for constructing a compelling speech and booking speaking engagements without experience


This training letter about ALL aspects of the business of speaking-the information delivery businesses that can be fueled by speaking, and it’s about making a lot more MONEY.The “normal path” in the speaking business leaves you weak and vulnerable. Even if you are “successful,” you quickly bump up against an income ceiling. So far too many “successful” speakers are still cold-calling, still worrying over a “soft” calendar, still wondering where the next gig is coming from. Contrast this with what speakers using the Professional Speaker’s Business Training can achieve and you begin to understand the value of this training.

  • Professional Speaker’s Business Training topics include:
  • How to get most of your speaking engagements in a competition-free environment
  • How to become famous-for-free, fast, in any niche market
  • How to do half the dates for twice the money
  • How to maximize the value of each road trip
  • How to set up big paydays and make $50,000.00 in a weekend
  • Very different “models” vs. lots of repeat engagements
  • How to use your speaking to fuel multiple streams of income

Professional Speaker’s Business Training is delivered to you in three modes (printed manuals, audio CDs, and DVDs), so you can go through the training whenever or wherever you are.


What You’ll Learn?

Upon completion of Professional Speaker’s Business Training, you will be able to:

  • Discuss strategies for building your professional speaker’s business
  • Describe how to receive free publicity
  • Distinguish between a speaker’s business based on different models versus one built on repeat engagements
  • Map multiple revenue streams emanating from your speaking business

Who Is It For?

Anyone whose income could use a shot in the arm OR who is working too hard making money in their business OR who is frustrated with how hard it seems to be to “get over the hump” financially in the speaking business.

What You Get

  • Eight transcription manuals
  • One set of 22 CDs


Professional Speaker’s Business Training consists of:

  • Eight transcription manuals – 150 pages each
  • One set of22CDs – 8-10 hours


Information Marketing Curricula

Contents 31

  • CD 1
  • CD 2
  • CD 3
  • CD 4
  • CD 5
  • CD 6
  • CD 7
  • CD 8
  • CD 9
  • CD 10
  • CD 11
  • CD 12
  • CD 13
  • CD 14
  • CD 15
  • CD 16
  • CD 17
  • CD 18
  • CD 19
  • CD 20
  • CD 21
  • CD 22
  • BOOK 1
  • BOOK 2
  • BOOK 3
  • BOOK 4
  • BOOK 5
  • BOOK 6
  • BOOK 7
  • BOOK 8
  • BOOK 9