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Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing 2007


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Dan Kennedy - Bill Glazer & Robe rt Skrob - Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing 2007

Dan Kennedy – Bill Glazer & Robe rt Skrob – Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing 2007

Welcome to the information marketing industry – a little-known industry of entrepreneurs, most working only part-time hours and netting seven-figure profits.

Info-marketers gather information and sell it in convenient forms to people who need it. The topics include everything imaginable from better sex, to teaching parrots to talk, to gardening, to investing in real estate, to running businesses. In addition to an easy 9-step process for you to create your own info-business, this book profiles 29 info-marketers, reveals their businesses strategies, marketing materials and business documents so you can have the tools you need to duplicate their success.

How a Real Estate Millionaire Gets His Customers to Do the Selling for Him ….. Page 159

How One Ex-Salesman, Ex-Law Enforcement Officer, Ex-Company Owner Turned Surplus Junk Into a Million-Dollar Info-business ….. Page 28

A High School Kid Built a Business and Earned More Than His College Professors ….. Page 32

A Direct Sales Process That Turned Into an Info-Business ….. Page 35

The 40 Ways to Make Money With Information Products ….. Page 41

The Quick Way to Determine the Selling Price of Information Products …. Page 43

How Simple Changes Multiplied a Product’s Sales Price 4Times …. Page 51

How a Professional Speaker Got Off the Road and Built a Million-Dollar Business She Could Run From Her Home Office …. Page 53

Blinded and Handicapped by Multiple Sclerosis, One Info-Marketer Used His Disability to Build a Successful Info-Business …. Page 59

What a Successful Veterinarian Did to Get Veterinarians From Around the World to Buy His Marketing Strategies …. Page 62

How an Info-Marketer From a Small Town in Kansas (population 565) Built an International Business …. Page 72

Someone Who Teaches Men How to Get Women to Approach Them for Dates …. Page 76

An Australian Built a Business Teaching Salons How to Book More Appointments, and He’s Never Owned a Salon Before …. Page 81

How an Info-Marketer Used His Products to Create a Professional Speaking Business Earning Him $10,000.00 per Gig …. Page 89

How a Mom From New York Built a Business From Her Home That Kept Bill Collectors Away and Gave Her Family the Extra Money for a Great Lifestyle …. Page 101

What an Info-Marketer Did With No Knowledge and No Customers to Build a Million-Dollar Business Within a Year …. Page 149

What to Say to Get Customers to Believe That You Really Do Offer High Quality Products …. Page 121

Information Marketing is responsive to and fueled by the ever-increasing pressure on peoples’ time. Businesspeople and consumers alike need information provided to them in convenient forms, and in some cases, need an extension of it; methods and strategies that might merely have been taught to them 10 years ago are now done for them. The Information Industry encompasses products like traditional books, audio programs, videos or DVD’s that you might buy in a store, from a catalog, or online; magazines, newsletters, e-books, membership websites, teleseminars and webinars, telecoaching programs, and seminars and conferences; and combinations thereof. Much of this business is conducted by lone wolf, small, quiet operators, many with home-based businesses, most with zero to no more than a few employees, most working only part-time hours and most netting 7-figure profits.

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