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Make ‘Em Laugh & Take Their Money


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Dan Kennedy - Make ‘Em Laugh & Take Their Money

Dan Kennedy – Make ‘Em Laugh & Take Their Money

People buy more and buy more happily when in good humor. Understanding humor and being able to effectively use it for your sales and persuasion purposes is a powerful advantage-for any speaker, salesman or writer.”
Drawn from 30 years’ experience as a popular professional speaker, author of 13 books, columnist and advertising copywriter, Dan Kennedy looks at humor as an instrument of persuasion and influence. Anyone-amateur-or pro-who must stand and deliver speeches, seminars, group sales presentations, serve as toastmaster, or write advertisements, sales letters or newsletters will find fodder here, to be faster on their feet, more confident and adept at being funny with a purpose. The book contains thoughtful insight but also simple shortcuts. Reading it, you’ll get a better appreciation for the humor around you and humor professionals who entertain you, and you’ll exit stage left with humor strategies and tricks you can use. Even if you’re not all that funny. Note: this book contains adult material and may not be suitable for minors. Or for the easily offended.

From the author. . .
“I first titled this book “Mugging for Fun and Profit,” but then thought better of it. Reminds me of Napoleon Hill being threatened by his publisher with the title ‘Use Your Noodle To Get The Boodle,’ which Hill transformed to ‘Think And Grow Rich.’ Overnight. The power of a deadline and desperation. And one of the all-time bestselling books on the subject of success the result. Anyway, unless you are just doing to hit ’em over the head and drag them out into the desert to empty their pockets, I’d suggest, you need to know how to make ’em laugh.

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