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Info Marketing Letter – Special Report 21


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Dan Kennedy - Info Marketing Letter - Special Report 21

Dan Kennedy – Info Marketing Letter – Special Report 21

The reports have been published six times a year, and each report is 12 to 16 pages and deals with one specific topic, such as increasing boot camp and event registrations, lead generation, sales letters, the profit-multiplying secret of forced continuity, or going from basic to deluxe to deluxe+ group marketing.

In-depth A to Z presentations of the most important profit centers in the information business. Little-known strategies.

These in-depth reports will combine into a permanent reference library of enormous value that you will undoubtedly consult countless times, year after year.

Each summarizes Dan’s best knowledge and strategies on the topic and includes examples and very frank discussions on what worked and what didn’t.

The Information Marketing Special Reports take you inside—inside millions of dollars of marketing efforts. In fact, Dan’s Platinum members and private clients, if combined into one company, would be a $200 million a year information marketing juggernaut. Imagine the valuable lessons and secrets coming out of that much marketing!

In addition to the Information Marketing Special Reports that come six times per year, each month, you’ll receive a four- to eight-page NO B.S. INFO-MARKETING LETTER , a newsletter with current news, information, resource listings and the most recent discoveries of “what works” from Dan, his clients and his Platinum members.

This newsletter will be similar in tone to the regular NO B.S. Letter, but totally devoted to the info-marketing business. This is a one of a kind publication; you may very well subscribe to and profit from others, but there is no other publication exclusively and totally devoted to information marketing.

A lot more than paper and ink, combining the Information Marketing Special Reports and the NO B.S. INFO-MARKETING LETTER gives you unprecedented access to all of Dan’s experience working with hundreds of successful info-marketers. NO ONE ELSE IN AMERICA works firsthand with as many different marketers of information products, coaching programs, seminars and related services. Welcome to the world of Dan Kennedy!

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