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Herd Building Day Formulas – Herd-Building Day


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Dan Kennedy - Herd Building Day Formulas - Herd-Building Day

Dan Kennedy – Herd Building Day Formulas – Herd-Building Day

Be A Virtual ‘Fly On The Wall’ As 6 List Building Masters Spill Their Secrets And Reveal Specific, Actionable Examples That’ll Allow You To Acquire And Nurture A Hyper-Responsive List—The #1 Asset You You’re Probably Neglecting This Very Moment

The most valuable asset in your business is your list. However, most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t nurture their list the right way. This leads to a poor relationship with your customers and prospects and a lot of wasted time and money. Herd Building Formulas will show you how to build a massive, highly responsive list FAST and nurture it so your prospects, customers and clients will keep giving you money. This is why we have members at GKIC who have been with us for 10, 12, 15…even 20 years. So invest in Herd Building Formulas to discover how to get more certainty and sustainability in your business.


We have bad news for you: your list, or ”herd” is probably losing value as you’re reading this message. That’s because you’re not nurturing your list the right way so your prospects and customers can keep giving you money over and over again.

You may have heard all those “list-building” experts that constantly preach about how to build a big list and the money will follow.

Here’s the truth: It’s all about the relationship you have with your list. It has nothing to do with the size of the list. It’s either improving in value or it’s diluting it as time goes on.

You see, here’s what happens when you have a great relationship with your list:

  • All you have to do is send out a simple email or postcard and your “herd” will automatically give you money.
  • Your life gets a lot easier. Instead of having a bunch of deadbeats on your list, you’ll have raving fans that’ll respond to your Facebook or tweets, go to your seminars, buy your products, and even send you fan mail.
  • You don’t have to worry about “list size” anymore. We don’t know what it is with everybody’s preoccupation with “list size” these days. There are some GKIC members who have lists of only 250 to 500 people…and they out earn people with 10,000 people and more.

Just imagine having an extra $1000, $5000, even $10,000 or MORE coming into your business than you already have now? And think about how much easier it will make your life—and the worries it will get rid of that’s on your mind right now.

Perhaps you can pay off your mortgage. Take a nice vacation for a change. Pay off some debt that’s been haunting you for a while.

Or you can “live big” like some of our other GKIC members who rake in 7-figures a year. It’s all up to you…

That’s why we have GKIC members who have been with us for 10, 12, 15…even 20 years. While everyone else struggles to keep customers and prospects for 3-4 years, GKIC has kept people for decades.

And there’s a certain formula we use to control the relationship with our prospects so they’ll keep buying from us again and again.

So we got 6 of the top list-building/herd-building experts to come and spill their secrets so you can effortlessly “copy and paste” their formula so you can start strengthening your herd too.

Herd Building Formulas is a course you’ll be able to listen to and instantly apply 1 or 2 “a-ha” moments that could lead you to boosting the amount of money you’re able to extract from your list.

Sure it’s 6 hours long and consists of 6 DVDs, 6 CDs and a transcript. But you can easily go through this course and pick out one or two “action-items” you can implement right away.

Plus there are 169 pages of examples and presentation materials you can go through and get ideas for your own business. This includes high-converting landing pages, emails, and examples of lead-generation magnets.

Here are the 6 experts:

  • Dan Kennedy: He has spent 40 years mastering “customer nurturing” and offers a unique perspective on holding the interests of readers/subscribers, fans, and customers over decades. He shares what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a herd—and how you can get started building the relationship with your list today.
  • Frank Kern: Most regard him as the Internet’s Bad Boy. He is a master of attracting and creating raving fans. He’ll show you the keys to developing a hyper-responsive list that’ll fly in the face of conventional wisdom. These “rogue” tactics have continued to feed a list worth millions in revenue…whenever called upon. And he’ll show you his “under the table” secrets in Herd Building Formulas.
  • Ryan Deiss: He has been in the trenches for over 10 years building a multiple 8-figure empire. He’s a self-made Internet success and is one of the leading…if not THE leader…in the world when it comes to online list-building strategies. And he’ll share the secrets to creating a lead-generation magnet that’ll siphon qualified prospects to your business effortlessly.
  • Tim Seward: He is a master of using banners to retarget prospects so you can exponentially build your list. He’ll show you the importance of list segmentation when it comes to building your list—and how you can extract more ROI using strategies you’re probably not using now.
  • Bill Glazer: He is a master of outrageous advertising and does anything possible to build his list short of flying a blimp over stadiums. He will share some of his integrated offline to online, and online to offline list-building strategies.
  • Mike Capuzzi: This copywriting master will share an untold technique that could boost your optins 2-3 fold if you know what you’re doing. I guarantee most people in your niche don’t know anything about this—and that means you could easily get an “unfair advantage” over your competitors.

Herd Building Formulas will give you the tools you need to ensure your customers and prospects will never leave you. That puts the pressure off of you to constantly have to rein in new customers, clients, or patients when you already have a “herd” that will gladly buy from you.

When it comes to list building, it’s all about the relationship, and Herd Building Formulas will reveal the specific, actionable steps to doing just that.

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