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Herd Building Day Formulas 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Herd Building Day Formulas 2021

Dan Kennedy – Herd Building Day Formulas 2021



Herd Building Formulas


Advanced Marketing: How To Acquire and Develop a Hyper-Responsive List w/ Strategies to Round Up Ideal Prospects, and Command Their Interest


What’s the most valuable asset of any online or offline business ? It’s the hyper-responsive and enormous list of your most likely customers. So how do you build your list and from it build customer herds, client herds, member herds and so forth ? As important, how you avoid winding up with a diseased herd, an inferior herd, or a low-value herd? Help is right here! Learn how to acquire and develop this most valuable asset as taught by a superstar faculty of seven-figure business builders.

  • Herd Building Formulas topics include:
  • The care and feeding of customers and prospects to create maximum, lifetime customer value
  • The attraction and creation of raving fans
  • Creating red-hot lead magnets
  • The seven factors that control the relationship value
  • Integrating offline and online herd-building strategies

Herd Building Formulas is delivered to you in three convenient forms, as a DVD, an audio CD, and 2 printed manuals. This way you can watch, listen, or read the superstar faculty’s great guidance whenever or wherever you are!


What You’ll Learn?

Upon completion of Herd Building Formulas,you will be able to:

  • Discuss how to build a hyper-responsive list
  • Describe how to turn your list into raving fans
  • List the seven factors that control the value of your relationship to your list
  • Integrate your offline and online herd-building strategies

Who Is It For?

Herd Building Formulas is for any business person who understands the important of focusing a list not just on quantity, but also on quality. Because all the equity, wealth, and sustainability is in the value based on relationship, not the numbers.

What You Get

  • A transcription manual
  • A presentation manual
  • 5 audio CDs
  • 5 DVDs


Herd Building Formulas consists of 3 components. The following times are approximate.

  • A transcription manual – 95 pages
  • A presentation manual – 170 pages
  • Set of 5 audio CDs and 5 DVDs – 5 hours


Advanced Marketing

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  • DVD 1
  • DVD 2
  • DVD 3
  • DVD 4
  • DVD 5
  • DVD 6
  • CD 1
  • CD 2
  • CD 3
  • CD 4
  • CD 5
  • Exhibits
  • Transcript