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Field Trip Spy Tapes 19 CD + Videos


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Dan Kennedy - Field Trip Spy Tapes 19 CD + Videos

Dan Kennedy – Field Trip Spy Tapes 19 CD + Videos

Product Description

Finally! At Dan Kennedys urging, the ultimate online and offline marketing experience comes straight into your living room via these exclusive, top-secret Spy-Cam Video Tapes! With these NEW “Spy Tapes”, we come to you — there’s NO expensive seminars to attend, NO flights to take, NO hotels to reserve.

Imagine having a Spy-Cam inside a hugely successful direct marketers office, eavesdropping on the staff, seeing exactly how he advertises, generates leads, selects winning mailing lists, promotes his Websites, does FAX blasts, does e-mail blasts, takes orders and gets lightning fast results, works with vendors, see and hear EVERY detail , watch every move made interrogate every staff member

‘SPY’ on every move and see how he rakes in as much as $10,000.00 a day using very smart Internet and direct marketing techniques

‘STEAL’ his secrets to duplicate his success for YOUR business, regardless of what business you’re in.

Fewer than 60 people got exactly this unprecedented insider opportunity this year. You missed it . Now get it delivered to you.


Dear Friend,

Maybe you’ve been “getting ready to get going” with some kind of Internet marketing or direct marketing campaign or project… but you haven’t been able to actually get going, yet. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by all the details of “getting started” — you understand everything conceptually, but need the nitty-gritty blanks filled in.

Well, guess what? The excuses and delays end here . Because, with these brand new “ SPY TAPES ,” you get to spend one-on-one time with me, Dan Kennedy, John Alanis, and my staff. On these tapes, we show you exactly how I make up to $10,000.00 a day with Internet and direct marketing. And you’ll witness it live, inside my office. With this new information, there’s absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t immediately begin earning an extra $10,000.00, $25,000.00, $50,000.00, or more PER MONTH, when you use my highly successful, extremely profitable, Internet and direct marketing methods in your business.

A statement I’ve heard Dan Kennedy quote is: “ YOU CANT LEARN TO RIDE A BICYCLE IN A SEMINAR “. To really get it, you have to get on the bike. That’s why, for the first time ever this year, we did what so many people had begged us to do — we let them come right inside our offices for two whole days, look over our shoulders, quiz our staff, and have us show them exactly how we DO our business.

We limited it to 15 people each time, and that was cramped. We called this our “Office Field Trip” — kind of like those field trips you took in high school to the candy factory or shoe factory or whatever.

These people saw everything . We went online and found mailing lists together. We did a broadcast FAX and monitored the business it generated in real time. We talked to vendors, like printers and mailing houses, on the speaker-phone. The group eavesdropped on customer service calls. We put our Websites up and dissected them, showing exactly why we did what we did and how it worked. No father, no matter how well-intentioned, was ever this thorough teaching his son the family business ! In fact, you might compare this to having a rich uncle take you behind-the-scenes of his successful company and let you in on every secret.

These people looked right over our shoulders and virtually experienced everything we do.

No one ever offered me such an opportunity.

These people snooped and dug and asked every imaginable question. They even sat (some on the floor) and had Dan Kennedy painstakingly explain “ THE BIG SECRET ” to making big money in the information business (or ANY other marketing driven business)…… a FINANCIAL SECRET rarely discussed anywhere but in his private consulting (at $6,800.00 a day).…. that I have NEVER heard anyone else reveal in a seminar, on a tape, anywhere.

In fact, here’s what one attendee, Jeff Gardner, had to say after he heard Dan’s compelling talk about “THE BIG SECRET”:

“I’ve attended many of Dan’s seminars, I’ve spent hundreds of hours listening to his audio tapes, I’ve invested thousands of dollars to be a Member of his Platinum Inner Circle Group… and this is the first time I’ve ever heard him talk about ‘the big secret’. As a result of hearing this invaluable, new information, I will immediately make changes in the way I run my business.”

The attendees of the Field Trip SAW FIRST-HAND how my “money machine” in the direct marketing business ACTUALLY WORKS . (And I insist these same techniques apply to other kinds of businesses, and we did have many people here spying for use in other types of businesses.)

Anyway, you simply could not dream up or find a more valuable, practical experience..… a more powerful shortcut to success.…. than this.

Unfortunately, you were NOT here.

And, since we simply cannot bring more than 15 people at a time into this situation, we charged $4,900.00. Probably will need to charge more in the future, if we do this at all, again. It disrupts our business. It forces people to travel. And, while it is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience , it does “evaporate” right afterward.

Shortly before our last Field Trip, Dan Kennedy made a suggestion to me, and laid down a challenge to me. Here is what Dan said:

“There have to be a lot of people who would really want and benefit from this, but cannot handle the $4,900.00 price tag, or the travel. There has to be a way to get this on tape, into a box — without turning it into an ordinary seminar. Why don’t you replicate the ‘Field Trip’ on video?” “Further,” Dan said, “It’ll be a win-win for everybody. After all, the most number of people you and John and your staff can handle the way you’re doing it is about 60 in a whole year, and there will still be more than that who’ll want to get in here in person, so you won’t lose a thing by doing this. Everybody else’ll win by bringing the Field Trip Experience to them, and having it permanent rather than temporary, to go through more than once, or reference. Heck, I’d like to have it myself.”

Well, figuring out how to get this on video wasn’t easy. This is not people in a hotel meeting room with a speaker on stage.

This is a tiny group, prowling around my office, looking over shoulders, poking in Websites, spying on phone conversations, sitting around in a circle in my office discussing the innermost nitty-gritty details of my business operations.

We had to squeeze in the videographer, camera, lights, and so on, so we could capture almost everything on video. We hooked up my computer to a big screen, so we could project the Websites, software, reports, etc. that everybody looked at onto that screen, and video it — in many cases, it’s even directly zapped into the video. Anyway, when we are looking at the computer screen, so are you, on video.

This isn’t a Hollywood-perfect film.

But it is the closest thing to being the 16th person here for those 2 days as you can get .

And just how much could it be worth to you??? — to be able to spend two days in my office, seeing exactly how I make as much as $10,000.00 PER DAY using many of the marketing techniques Dan Kennedy teaches. These are techniques that ANY person can use in ANY business — of course, what you’ll see on this “Field Trip” is my information marketing/direct marketing businesses in action. You get to peer over my shoulder, listen in on all my “private conversations,” see exactly how I choose my mailing, FAX, and e-mail lists, see exactly how my staff keeps my “money train” rolling along..… and then hear the attendees ask me, John Alanis or Dan Kennedy any question they want..… ANY question!

In other words, how would you like to spend one-on-one time with me, Dan and my staff where we reveal the “science behind the magic” so you too, can duplicate my highly successful, extremely profitable, direct/Internet marketing methods in your business? Remember — this is NOT a seminar or a lecture, this is a “live, as it’s happening” online and offline marketing experience. You’ll get to see every little detail of how I run my business, how I turn paper and electrons into pure cash, and how you can easily duplicate my success.

If youve ever felt stuck or confused as to exactly how to IMPLEMENT the marketing strategies youve learned from books, tapes, even big seminars, then this Office Field Trip On Tape is for you .Seminar speakers always seem to leave out the details — or just take your business operations for granted — the ones that can kill even the best idea. You see, nobody, even the best and the brightest direct marketers, talk about “business operations.” But, the truth of the matter is, the operations part of your business is as important as the marketing . No matter how good the idea is, it’s worthless if you can’t implement it, and overcome the very real operational challenges present in any business. Well, finally, you get to SEE HOW IT REALLY GETS DONE ….. two entire days in our offices SHOWING you how to easily implement PROFITABLE direct/Internet marketing in your business, regardless of what business you’re in !

When we decided to put on these Office Field Trips, we wanted to do something different, something that would truly bring this business to life for you. Don’t get me wrong — you can learn a lot going to seminars and listening to an expert lecture from the front of the room. But there’s a big, big difference between hearing about something, and actually being there, witnessing money being made live and un-scripted, seeing operations and marketing working together in harmony . It’s the difference between hearing about something, and actually experiencing it for yourself. Or, perhaps a better analogy would be, the difference between watching a ball game on TV, and actually playing in the middle of one.

These “Smart Marketing Field Trips” did not take place in meeting room of a hotel. We did these in the “living room” of our office, the place where my staff, John Alanis, and I (and sometimes Dan) meet and brainstorm million dollar ideas. It’s the “epi-center” of the live action.

Now a real-time duplication of all this can come to you,
rather than you coming to it.

James Bond would envy this kind of spying! No planes to parachute out of, no walls to climb over, no guards to get by, no bullets to dodge. Spying while sitting comfortably in a leather chair, feet up on the ottoman, warmed by the fire in the fireplace, one of those shaken-not-stirred beverages on the side table.

We DID get it right. We put you in as one additional person, via these video tapes. You even see us do a real, live marketing campaign while you’re “in” the office . You hear the phones ring in the background, the FAX machine printing out orders, the mail being delivered, and experience the ongoing ebb and flow of money being made with the EXACT techniques we’ll be showing you. YOU EXPERIENCE IT ALL, JUST AS IF YOU WERE HERE.

Are These Field Trip Spy Tapes For You ?

Why should you be excited about this?

Maybe you’ve been “getting ready to get going” with some kind of direct marketing business but you haven’t been able to actually get going yet — maybe you feel overwhelmed by all the details of “getting started,” you understand everything conceptually, but need the nitty-gritty blanks filled in.

Well, guess what? The excuses and delays end here — spend two days with me, Dan, John, and my staff (right smack in the middle of the live action in my office, witnessing everything that happens) via these “spy videos”, then there will be absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t immediately begin earning an extra $10,000.00, $25,000.00, $50,000.00, or more PER MONTH utilizing many of the marketing techniques Dan teaches, doing exactly what you watch us do.

Maybe you’ve already got a very successful business and know you can “turbo-charge it” by doing some of the things we do. (Incidentally, without blushing, I can tell you, we are REALLY DOING some of the most innovative, profitable things with the Internet AND REALLY MAKING SOME SERIOUS MONEY DOING THEM. If you want to see how real money is really made minute by minute with Websites and e-mail, this is the place.)

Before we ever did the first Field Trip, we had one guy, the owner of a very successful company in Europe, offer us $50,000.00 to come and hang out in our office for a couple days, snoop, spy and ask questions. I’m not sure how much it’ll be worth to you, but $50,000.00 certainly is a reasonable number.

Because this is “REALITY TV” unlike any other — this is the up close, personal REALITY of how big money is really made…..

Wonder how I choose a mailing list? I’ll show you. Not sure how to go about having a direct mail campaign sent out for you? I’ll show you how I get my vendors to do it right every time, while you’re in my office, via video. Want to know how to set up a broadcast FAX to generate cheap, FAST leads for your business? We’ll do a real, live FAX while you’re “here” — and I’ll show you the results as they come in, in real time. Watch us operate as the money goes right into our bank account..… and see how you can duplicate this for yourself. Would you like to see how our database is set up? I’ll show you that too. You’ll even “virtually” sit in front of our spreadsheet program as we reveal real, live numbers on some of our actual marketing campaigns — and with this information, you can actually guarantee your success with direct marketing (we even give you this proprietary ‘direct marketing spreadsheet program’ on a diskette so you can use it, too).

See How We Make Money On The Internet Every Day !

You spend time with Jennifer, our in-house Website/Internet Marketing Manager, and she shows you how to drive a ton of traffic to your Website and how to capture the names of people who visit your site, so you can continue to market to them — just like we do. You’d be AMAZED at how much money even a small operation makes with the Internet nowadays. But you have to know what you are doing — or you can lose a ton of dough fast. We’ll show you how to keep the money automatically rolling in from the Internet — again, exactly what we really do, what is actually working for us.

See Outsourcing In Action
How To Get The Grunt Work Done FOR You

Have you ever felt uncomfortable, or maybe just a bit confused when dealing with vendors? Like you knew you should call them, but didn’t know what to ask or who to talk to..… and you didn’t want to feel out of control? Well, guess what: while you’re “here”, we’ll put our vendors on the hot seat! Printers, mailing house, broadcast FAX service, all the people you need to make your business run. That’s right, we’ll get them live on our speaker-phone system, and hear us and the attendees ask them questions. You even watch and listen as we talk with my printer about a printing job for a direct mail campaign, and you also get to see us discuss this with the mailing house.

PLUS, I’ll reveal… how to ‘outsource’ your marketing by using the same vendors we use who will do most of the work for you*… my hidden secrets to getting the absolute best deal from any vendor (and get you set up with the same low rates I’ve negotiated for my business*)..… secrets to profitably managing your marketing..… how I come up with my marketing ideas..… and much, much more!

*Many of the previous Field Trip attendees have told us that these two things alone are worth more than the fee to attend.

These Spy Videos Put You Right Smack In The Middle Of The Action,
Just As If You Were With Us On An Actual Field Trip

Here’s everything I’ve assembled in the “Basic Package”, to bring this entire Field Trip Experience right into your living room:

There’s over 11 hours on VIDEO. The video is even indexed by hour and subject matter. Of course, you’ll want to watch it all through once from start to finish, just like being here. But then this stays handy, as a reference (you’ll probably use often), and the index lets you get right to what you need to see again (or show to someone else).

The soundtrack of the video is also on 10 audio tapes, so you can listen to some or all of this repeatedly, conveniently. There’s a mountain of insider information here, and you’ll definitely want to hear it more than once. There’s an index for the audio tapes, too.

A Reference Manual with edited transcripts of the 10 audio/video tapes so you can make notes and refer to key ideas and strategies easily.

The complete Field Trip 3-Ring Binder Manual, exactly as it was provided at the Field Trips. This manual is jam-packed with our insider notes, tips, secrets, and step-by-step instructions for many of the marketing techniques and business operations you’ll witness on the tapes.

You also get use of a special, password-protected Website (only past Field Trip attendees had access to this site, and now you will too!) this site contains the contact information and instant Website links of all the vendors and suppliers, resources, contacts and marketing tools we dealt with or even mentioned at the Field Trip….. think of it as a “million dollar resource directory” on steroids. This same site also contains sample joint venture letters, sales letters, even the internal business forms we actually use, that you see during the Field Trip. With your “secret decoder password”(!), you get into this “Field Trip Graduates Only” Website and can use it whenever you like, as often as you like.

What Kind Of Hefty Price Tags Attached To All This?

Remember, the fee to come here for the Field Trip has been (until now) $4,900.00 per person. Plus, of course, travel costs, hotel, and meals. And time away from your business.

I’ve cut that in half.


And that will be the regular, catalog price: $2,450.00.

But right now, this month only, you can get the entire “Basic Version” of the “Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box” for HALF OFF the catalog price — just $1,225.00 (plus $18.50 shipping and handling). Or, you can make 3 easy payments of just $408.33.

Not a hefty price tag at all.

In fact, any one part of the package alone is easily worth that, and hundreds of my customers would jump at the chance to get it for that. If you’re smart, you would to. Certainly, any one hour of the Field Trip.…. any one thing shown, experienced here..… whether it’s exactly how we make money with Websites, what Jennifer does to flood our sites with traffic….. or how we get a direct mail campaign out, from idea… to marketing piece… to lists… to vendors… to mail — el zappo….. any ONE of these things seen firsthand, actually done, is clearly worth $1,225.00.

Just the use of the code-protected, restricted-access Website ought to command this much by itself.

Frankly, John argued vehemently against such a low price, so I agreed that it absolutely end this month, at midnight, January 31, 2002. Consider it somewhat of a New Year’s gift.

And Ill Go Even Further:
How Would You Like It FREE , Instead?

If I offered all this to you FREE, would you grab it?

I’d certainly think so.

Of course, I can’t and won’t do that, but I’ll do the next best thing.

FOR FREE , I’m going to include a Resale Rights License for this “Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box” product (so you can sell it and make money with it, too)….. a diskette containing a sales letter and other marketing documents to sell it… AND a FREE Website customized for you, to sell it online (using the marketing techniques you’ll see on the Tapes!)….. and you can have all the orders you get fulfilled for you onesy-twosy (no inventory to buy or handle) for just 40% of its regular price of $2,450.00. That means you’ll make $1,470.00 (60%) for each sale ! JUST ONE SALE AND YOURS IS FREE ! (You probably know of a few people you can just e-mail, about this being available, refer them to the Website we give you, and wind up with one – or more – being sold, with no effort at all. You may, of course, want to do more with this. After all, only 100 sales puts $147,000.00 into your hands.)

Anyway, this Resale License and Website should sell for no less than $995.00 to $1,995.00 or more by itself — yours FREE if you order by midnight, January 31, 2002.

If you want to look at it that way, it instantly makes your own “Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box” free. I’ve even made a special FAST START TAPE with John, discussing exactly how to sell this unique product online and offline, using the Website* and marketing materials we give you.

*You also get free Website hosting for six full months. Beginning in the seventh month, your credit card will be charged just $14.75 for continued hosting and maintenance of your Website, which you can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice, and at that time we will unplug your Website.

It Gets Better Still You Get A $24,500.00,
Take-It-To-The-Bank Money-Back Guarantee

Use the insider information you get with these Tapes and Manuals for one full year use the vendors we recommend use the cutting-edge Internet marketing techniques we present to you listen to Dan explain THE BIG SECRET”… follow the simple techniques for promoting the free Website we set up for you make money with the Resale License use everything you get for ONE FULL YEAR. If you dont feel the information you get on these Tapes, in the Manuals, and on the password protected Website is worth at least 20 times ($24,500.00) in additional income of what you paid, I want you to ask for, and get your money back, even after 12 full months.

The catch is

.only that you need to act now.

You get the “Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box”: the indexed Videos, the indexed Audio Tapes, the transcripts, the Manual, and the use of the password protected Website full of resources… as well as the Resale License, marketing materials, and your custom Website… all for just $1,225.00 (half-price!). But you DO need to quickly fill out the Acceptance Form and return it, preferably right now.

The first 28 people to do that will get a “REBATE CERTIFICATE” entitling them to full credit for the $1,225.00 toward attending future “live” Field Trips or similar “live” training events with us here in Austin. I’ve also arranged with Dan to give each of these first 28 people a $100.00 DISCOUNT CERTIFICATE toward his November 2002 Copywriting Mastery Boot Camp & Workshop. And it can be used in combination, on top of any other discounts you may be entitled to — for example, if you’re one of Dan’s Inner Circle Members. Also, the first 28 to respond will be invited to participate on a Special 90-minute Conference Call where my staff and I will share the details and results of our latest Internet and direct marketing efforts. To be included on this important call, you MUST be one of the first 28 to respond .

I’d guess these “first 28” will be in the door the first 24 hours this offer hits. Whether you order online, by FAX or phone, we’ll log you in correctly, and if you are one of the first 28, you’ll get the Rebate Certificate, Dan’s Discount Certificate, and an invitation to the Special Conference Call.

As I said earlier, in my entire marketing career, I certainly never had an opportunity like this. No one ever invited me behind the scenes, right into their business, with full access to everything and every staff member, to be right in the middle of all the action, to see firsthand how it actually gets done. If anybody had, I would have been there with bells on. No matter what it cost . Or where it was.

Now I’m not only offering you that opportunity, but I’m delivering it to you — and supporting it with a full complement of resources — and even giving you the Rights to re-sell it, free .

About the only thing I’m not doing is adopting you or inviting you over for dinner!

Grab this while you can.


Michael Kimble, President
Group M Marketing, Inc.
Kimble & Kennedy Publishing
“Smart Marketing” Companies

Here is a partial list of the important information revealed,
discussed, and demonstrated on the “Field Trip Spy Tapes”.

P.S. We get lots and lots and lots of questions about running the database, managing the list, keeping track of the results and costs and profits from each different ad, FAX and mailing. You’ll not only see how we’ve been doing all this but you will also get a FREE BONUS VIDEO with my associate, John Alanis, going into detail about our newest software system (designed by Jeff Paul and Jim Fleck), and how it “runs” all our multi-step marketing. Remember, on the Website that is password protected, only for Field Trip attendees and “Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box” owners, you get every joint venture letter, sales letter, internal form, everything we show at the Field Trip and use — yours to download and use too. And you get this extra Bonus Video, showing you the latest evolution in “auto-pilot” marketing. No stone has been left unturned! Every picayune operational, implementation question answered.

P.S. #2: I recently came up with the idea for, and developed, a new and very smart Internet marketing technique that gets a whopping 28% of the people who visits one of my Websites to give us their name, address, and e-mail address — a 28% opt-in rate! (Many of the smartest Internet marketers I know are thrilled if they get just a 10% opt-in rate.) Think about that. Using this unusual technique, 28% of the people who visit this one site give us their name, address and e-mail address !!! This allows us to do multi-step follow-up marketing via auto-responder e-mails and regular snail mail, so we can get even more money out of these Website visitors. On these Field Trip Tapes, Jennifer and I will show you exactly how this innovative “opt-in” technique works , plus, we’ll tell you about the simple “50¢ tool” we created and are using to capture these names. If you’re doing (or would like to do) any type of marketing on the Internet, and would also like to capture the contact information of up to 28% of the people who visit your Website, then getting the details on this one technique alone is easily worth the investment for these “Spy Tapes .”

P.S. #3: Be sure to click here to read the comments from some of the previous Field Trip attendees.

P.S. #4: You can also get the Deluxe Version of the Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box !

The “Deluxe Version” includes EVERYTHING you just read about in this letter, PLUS you get a complete MARKETING LICENSE to sell and profit from Dan Kennedys TWO newest products . The two products are: (1) “Dan Kennedy’s Complete, A-Z Information Publishing & Advanced Direct Marketing Business System” (the Tapes, Videos and Manuals from his “Information Marketing Seminar”); AND, (2) “How To Find The Hidden Money In Any Business With Special Profit-Building Systems & Joint Venture Marketing Seminar-In-A-Box” (the Tapes and Manuals from his “Back-End Seminar”).

With this NEW Marketing License, you get: Resale Rights to Dan’s two new products mentioned above, Reprint Rights to the tested and proven sales letters that sell these products, lead-generation ads, FAXes & e-mails, and other marketing materials for both products (all written by Dan!), a custom Website that also sells these products for you , Coaching Calls to help you get going, and more! And, if you have your orders for these products fulfilled by our Fulfillment Center, you need zero inventory, and you keep 80% of the suggested retail prices. The Marketing License Fee for these two products will be $4,549.00 when we make it available in the future. But as part of the “Deluxe Version” of this “Field Trip Tapes Offer,” you can get this License for an additional $1,995.00. (That’s less than HALF-PRICE of the normal Licensing Fee!) This makes the total investment for the Deluxe Version of the Field Trip Experience-In-A-Box only $3,220.00. That’s a whole lot less than what it would’ve cost you to attend the Field Trip in person, PLUS you’re getting a Marketing License to sell two of Dan’s hottest-selling products. Just think, your profit from just 3 sales of the “Information Publishing/Direct Marketing Business System” (a very, very, very “hot” product where you keep $1,596.00 from each sale!) will repay your investment for the “Field Trip Tapes” AND the “Marketing License” to these hot products. I recently did a direct mail and e-mail campaign to a very small list for Dan’s “Info Seminar Tapes” and it generated $42,289.00 in sales — within two weeks! You will NOT have another opportunity to get this new License to Dan’s newest products for LESS than HALF-PRICE .

(FYI: When your customers order Dan’s “Information Publishing/Direct Marketing Business System” from you, here’s what they get: 18 Audio Tapes (90-minutes each — an incredible 27 hours!!!), a Written Transcripts Manual, Dan’s integrated “Money Making Systems Charts & Diagrams”, and a GIANT “Sample Book” of Ads, Sales Letters and Catalog Pages. This product’s suggested retail selling price is $1,995.00. You keep 80% from each order you get ($1,596.00) and forward 20% to cover the costs of having our Fulfillment Center ship the product to your customers for you.

And, when your customers order the “B

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