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Fascination Marketing System


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Fascination Marketing System Sally Hogshead, Dan Kennedy

Fascination Marketing System Sally Hogshead, Dan Kennedy

Fascination Marketing System Sally Hogshead, Dan Kennedy [7 Videos (mp4), 11 Audio (mp3), 6 Docs (pdf)]

This product is LIVE training AND modules, PDFs, etc. It’s a “Special GKIC Edition” and very similar, but not exactly, to Sally’s product: The Complete Fascination Business System

What does it take to be fascinating? It starts with gaining an understanding of how you blend two of the seven personality triggers in a way that sparks the intense interest of those around you.

They made it happen! Somehow, don’t ask me, our wiz-bang tech team was able to take the 4 hours of LIVE training I did with Sally Hogshead yesterday and put it all on a page for you to re-watch or watch (make sure you thank them the next time you see them)
Now, for my story of the day — with one of my favorite tie-ins,

She was the belle of the ball…

Every eye turned as she entered the room.

Every man from pauper to Prince wanted a dance card with her name on it.

Every step-sister for miles around wished she was her.

Everyone there that evening was spellbound … FASCINATED!

Yes, it was a pretty good night for Cinderella. But all good things come to an end and it went seriously South at midnight.

You see – Midnight was bad news for Cinderella and it’s potentially very bad news for you too.

When the clock strikes 12 Midnight tonight the luxury coach goes pumpkin, horses change back into mice, and the lizard coachman grows a tail and scampers under a rock – which means no glass
slipper for you!

You see, this ain’t no fairy tale – it’s fact and if you don’t act fast before the belfry rings 12, you’ll lose out on your chance to claim a copy of Sally Hogshead’s revolutionary “Fascination Advantage Marketing

Yes, you’re fascinating, but are you using it to your advantage?

Last week, I was in Orlando emceeing and presenting at GKIC’s SuperConference. The room was full of the most ambitious, most successful entrepreneurs-the ones that make things happen-who had spent their money and, more importantly, their time to continue learning.

Remember that school is never out for the real pro…no matter what level you are at.

I got the privilege, among those who attended, to be the very first to see Sally Hogshead’s special presentation on how to attract more customers and money using your “fascination.”

Sally showed how she used “her fascination” to go from making $3000 to $30,000 per speaking engagement…and how we could use our “fascination” to increase our fees for our products and services substantially too.

She said, “Your personality is your most valuable asset” and taught us how to use what makes us fascinating to help us stand out in our market place.

Sally pointed out that when all things are equal, whichever thing, person, product, business, service, etc. is the most fascinating will always win.

To demonstrate, she told a story about going on a ride at a theme park. There were two options: a green ticket or an orange ticket. The difference, she was told was “the orange ticket was the more intense and exciting ride and had more thrills. The green ticket was for those who wanted a milder, less intense version of the ride.”

The lines were not only much longer for the orange ticket ride, but the people were visibly and audibly excited in the orange-ticket holder line. On the contrary, in the green-ticket holder line people were subdued and looked kind of bored.

After riding the orange ticket ride, Sally decided to see what the difference was, so she rode the green ticket ride. She discovered that the rides were exactly the same!

So even though the rides were the same, the orange ticket ride held more fascination.

Which type of ride are you supplying your prospects and customers? An uneventful one or an exciting one? If you think you could inject more life into your marketing and business please read on. I’m about to give you 10+ years of research into a few short paragraphs.

You see Sally showed how you can make yourself and your business into the “orange ticket experience” by using what she calls your “fascination advantage.”

The key according to the more than ten years of research that Sally did, are the seven different modes of “communication triggers” which define your “fascination advantage.” These triggers are: Passion, Trust, Mystique, Prestige, Power, Alarm, and Rebellion.

One of those triggers is your most natural trigger. You also have a secondary trigger. In all, there are 49 different combinations. And one of these is your “fascination advantage.”

For example, someone who has a primary trigger of power and a secondary trigger of prestige has the personality archetype called “The Maestro.” Maestros lead with command and earn respect with higher standards. Their strengths are that they are ambitious, admired, focused, respected, competitive and results-oriented.

The more you build your company around the strengths of your natural trigger, the more successful you will be. Because you are truly unique and no one can imitate you. Which means the greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself.

In fact, Sally’s studies show that when you find ways to accelerate and amplify your fascination, your ideal client’s brain enters into intense focus, almost as if they are spell-bound. This changes their brain and will get them to automatically think “yes” instead of “no,” causing them to go to greater lengths to work with you.

For instance, if you are a “Maestro”, you would focus on targeting people who are decision-makers that want better results. By focusing on your “fascination advantage”, in other words doing more of what comes naturally to you; decision-makers who want better results will be drawn to you.

Sally’s five step system for doing this is to:

1) Identify your own fascination advantage. (To discover your fascination advantage for FREE, stay tuned)

2) Fascinate your audience in nine seconds or less. The average attention span in now nine seconds, which means in order to win over your prospect, customer, client or patient, you have to zero in on your fascination advantage in nine seconds or less. For example, if your advantage is prestige, then your prospect wants respect and results. You would fascinate your audience by over-delivering.

3) Communicate your highest value with the “Golden Triangle.” The three sides of the Golden Triangle represent: the need or problem

your client needs solved, the opportunity your product or service has that allows you to solve the need, and your fascination advantage which is how you are most likely to add distinct value.

4) Optimize your team. Sally says that to optimize your team, you don’t want to hire people that are like you. Instead you want to hire people that will add what you need and compliment your fascination advantage with their own fascination advantage.

5) Fascinate long-term to create lifelong clients. Think about some of the companies or people that continue to be fascinating such as Apple and Warren Buffet. By focusing on their “fascination advantage”, they continue to lead their field. Using your fascination advantage long term causes loyalty and an audience willing to pay more for products and services.

Your personality is your ultimate asset. In fact, in many cases your personality doesn’t just add value, it IS the value. The higher income you want and expect, the more it’s about who you are and not what you do.