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Effortless Selling Strategies


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Dan Kennedy - Effortless Selling Strategies

Dan Kennedy – Effortless Selling Strategies

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Do you want to multiply the number of people who buy from you?

How would you like a proven system for getting more of your ideal customers, clients, or patients to say “Yes” to you without having to resort to “brute-force” selling techniques?

Want to learn the secret that will ethically and morally grab a hold of your customers and prospects and tap into their behavioral system so they will effortlessly and gladly do business with you?

It’s all about entering the conversation that’s already going on in your prospects mind when they come into contact with you—either in the boardroom, online, on stage, or face-to-face in your office.

Then you need Dan Kennedy’s Effortless Selling Strategies System!

With nearly 40 years of selling, over a collective 1 BILLION dollars’ worth of goods and services for his clients and the 11 businesses he’s been involved in, people from all over the world rely on Dan Kennedy for the “No B.S.” truth on how to get more people to reach into their pockets, pull out their wallets and fork over their money to buy your products or services.

Effortless Selling Strategies presents a system that will show you how to get your target audience to say “Yes” quickly and with more vigor than ever before.

It will show you how to ethically take the free will of your customers, clients, and patients and hijacking their behavioral system so they will decisively buy from you.

When all this is in alignment you don’t need to know “52 different ways to close” and you don’t need to hard close like most of those “other” trainers teach you.

Here’s just SOME of what you’ll discover in the Effortless Selling Strategies System:

The #1 secret most businesspeople will NEVER know about closing that’ll bring more bucks into your pocket—this might seem a little “renegade” but if you want to siphon more of the green stuff into your pocket, you HAVE to do it!

The untold secret I use in my $18,800 per day consultations to get people to fork over $50,000 to $100,000 for a single sales letter without question (how much are YOU charging for your product/service?)

The #1 mental block that keeps most salespeople from selling more—and could forever DOOM you from achieving more wealth and prosperity in your life (this probably affects at least 98% of prospects out there).

If you think most people don’t buy from you because they ran off to another competitor, think again. Revealed for the first time: the #1 reason why your last prospect probably didn’t buy from you. (knowing this could be a HUGE game changer for you!)

The #1 barrier most people have when it comes to making a decision to buy. This is something you probably suffer from all the time, and realizing this could allow you to “tweak” your sales process so you can exploit this secret!

Zig Ziglar’s mindset that allowed him to ethically extract as much money from the wallets of his prospects as possible (this is something that’s a little “squeamish” for some, but this is something you’ll want to tattoo on your forehead!)

The 4 possible outcomes of every selling situation, and how you can bend the rules in your favor so you can get people to say “Yes” more often. Knowing this alone already puts you light years ahead of your competitors!

The 1 simple step that 3 ½ times the conversion of a client’s webinar you can easily cut and paste into your own sales process. This is something we do at GKIC all the time, and it could allow you to really boost your ROI!

Why most people are DEAD WRONG about what they’re REALLY selling…and how you can “bear down” and figure out why people REALLY buy from you (this is something you’ll want to use in your marketing.

My 2 secrets to getting to yes faster than ever before. This tip could pay for the package over and over again—and put more money in your pocket!

The untold effect of “decision fatigue” and how you can harness it to your advantage when selling to a prospect. This is something most “sales professionals” don’t get!

What the Oreck vacuum company and Simmons Mattresses does to perfection that you can do in any selling environment. (I try to implement this with every single client I work with!)

A simple 4-step “litmus test” to determine if you’re a selling pro or amateur. Chances are, you’ll fall into the latter category, but you’ll be able to quickly correct it!

How to use group selling to your advantage, and the 3 ways you can summon a stampede of hungry to the back of the room—or to feverishly click the “order” button on a webinar or teleseminar.

…And a whole LOT more!

And remember just ONE technique you’ll discover In Effortless Selling Strategies System could unlock the hidden Profits in your business!

Get Dan Kennedy – Effortless Selling Strategies now!

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