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Copywriting Mastery & Sales Boot Camp Training


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Dan Kennedy's - Copywriting Mastery & Sales Boot Camp Training

Dan Kennedy’s – Copywriting Mastery & Sales Boot Camp Training

Dear Renegade Millionaire:

I have achieved total and complete financial liberty. And if you isolated the ONE THING that puts me here…above anything and everything else…is my ability to write copy that sells—for ads and sales letters and other media.

And I will tell you this: Anybody can do it. I have a high school education and “regular” talents and skills, yet I am one of the most highly sought-after copywriters in the world.

This year, old and new clients will pay me more than a million dollars for copywriting…and over 85% of clients use me repeatedly. My work in client’s hands has brought in over $20 million thus far this year.

I have also written over 300 print and direct mail campaigns that have raked in $1 million or more. I also have dozens of “evergreen” controls that have been mailed for 5-10 years…broadcast advertising that has generated over $30 million…and speech and seminar scripts that have raked in $100-million.

Here Are Just SOME Of The “Must-Have “Copywriting Concepts You Discover On CD#1:

  • ​The 2 “grunt work” things you need to do when it comes to writing copy (if you get things wrong—you don’t do things!) — this makes the difference between a successful and failure campaign (30:17)
  • ​The 1 “Magic word” you need to do when it comes to writing copy. People often overlook this and end up ruining their pitch and get pitiful results. (37:58)
  • ​ The one thing that most newbie copywriters and marketers ROYALLY botch up that could hurt your sales. (Your prospect is NOT thinking this, so why mention it in your sales letter?) (45:31)
  • ​ Why most of what you think is important in copywriting and selling is WRONG…it’s not about “hyping things up” and making HUGE claims as most people will tell you. (47:26)
  • ​The one time that even the best copy written by me will FAIL to sell any products or services (this is no joke—this one thing can save you a LOT of money and time!) (56:21)
  • ​The one thing your ad HAS to have if you hope to get people’s attention—and entice them to read your ad (Nope, it’s not having an awesome headline!) (1:01:13)
  • ​The one thing you must do to get prospects to bond with you. And you have to do it again and again—otherwise your customers will NOT buy from you! (1:03:14)
  • ​How to establish yourself as the “go-to” person in your market so you can obtain instant believability in your copy. This is KEY to melting any prospect’s skepticism! (1:12:15)