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Celebrity Promotions


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Dan Kennedy - Celebrity Promotions

Dan Kennedy – Celebrity Promotions


Swipe File: Simple, Proven, Effective ‘Real-World’ Tactics to Gain Instant Credibility for Your Business Without Breaking the Bank


The Ultimate Celebrity Promotions package is a compilation of outstanding work submitted by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and Glazer Kennedy members, real people just like you. CELEBRITY association is such a powerful marketing force, yet so very under-utilized. This vast collection of newsletters, magazine covers, sales letters, online and offline pieces are each prefaced by the originator. You will gain key insights in how you can tailor and implement these powerful, proven examples and promotions into your business. Benefit from learning reliable, formulaic and effective ways to achieve “getting into the minds” of your customers and prospects. By infusing these targeted ideas into your marketing strategies you will satisfy the most common business objectives while increasing both your visibility and bottom line. Here are just four of many, Successful Promotions and Key Outcomes that are achievable:

  • Successful CELEBRITY Promotion #1: The promotion that INCREASED patients by 33.41% and sales by 39.16% in just 3 months…PLUS the simple tactic for getting the CELEBRITY Endorsement
  • Successful CELEBRITY Promotion #2: How a local business owner convinced the producers of a national hit TV show to film an episode at his business…and HOW this opportunity was leveraged to the MAX!
  • Successful CELEBRITY Promotion #3: A Customer Appreciation Event that generated over $70,000.00 in revenue and a 700% return on investment (this promotion is a great example how to use the POWER of CELEBRITY Association in multiple ways…PLUS a “sneaky” trick)
  • Successful CELEBRITY Promotion #4: a local business owner routinely rakes in $30,000.00 each time he mails his promotion (following this simple method you can easily do the same. How much would it be worth to know you could earn 5-figures with every promotion?


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