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A-Z Information Publishing & Advanced Direct Marketing Business System


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Product Description

This program is priceless, pure and simple.

Here is the sales letter:

No Other Report I Have Ever Written

Has As Much Potential To
Dramatically Change Your Life
For The Better As This One…

…If You Are Involved In Or
Very Seriously Interested In Direct Marketing Or The Business Of Publishing And Marketing Information Products

Who else wants to be an info/direct
marketing millionaire?

Dear Friend,

I will be direct and to the point, with no warm-up.

In my career, for myself and my clients, I’ve sold well over half-a-Billion Dollars worth of information products! (If you added in the money made by many more “students” of mine who have followed my examples and instruction, it’s over several billion dollars.)

I have made a personal fortune — and made millions of dollars for many clients — in the business of conceptualizing, creating, publishing and marketing “info products”, from $10 books to $15,000.00 “courses”, sold via every means imaginable. If you can name a scenario involving marketing information, I’ve dealt with it. My track record in this specialized niche is virtually unmatched.

******For the first time, and for one time only, I put on an intense 3-day-and-nights seminar where I taught absolutely everything I know about turning info-products into fortunes. Over 250 attended, coming from as far away as Japan and Australia. Each paid at least $3,475.00 to attend. This seminar will never repeat. If you missed it, you missed a rarest-of rare opportunity to have somebody who has really made a fortune and guided many others in doing the same, in the fascinating field of “information products”*******************

As you would guess, the reason for this letter, now, is that we did record the entire 34-hour (!!!) seminar, then carefully edit and condense those recordings into two “Highlights Packages”, one audio, one video, and have made it possible for you to “attend” at home.

In this letter, I’m going to tell you all about this unprecedented program, exactly what I revealed, and do everything I can to help you make a wise decision, whether or not you should make the rather substantial investment of time and money required to “attend”, via the tapes. This requires a long letter. I know you’re busy, maybe not blessed with patience. But I am serious when I say that no other letter I have ever sent you has as much potential to dramatically change your life for the better as this one. So I hope you’ll take the time to read it thoroughly. And I must urge you to do so immediately – it includes a very limited HALF-PRICE offer you may not want to miss.

The Mythical Alchemist Lives…

Maybe you read fables as a kid about medieval alchemists, who claimed the power to turn everything from cloth to dirt into gold, to take nominally valuable raw material and — presto! — turn it into enormously valuable gold.

The ability to repeatedly and consistently turn paper and ink or blank tapes or similar conveyances of information into “gold” is modern alchemy. The ability to take one to several pages of sales copy in an ad or sales letter selling information and turn it into hundreds of thousands of dollars is modern alchemy. Wealth from thin air.

I seriously question whether there is any other “alchemist” alive on this planet who has demonstrated possessing this power as many times in as many different situations as I have. That’s why even already very accomplished, very successful, very rich info-marketers still seek out my assistance with their projects. And pay gigantic, arguably obscene sums of money for my input.

Should you require evidence of my status as a true, living, breathing alchemist, I have proof of it for your review. Click here to find a sampling of info-marketer clients, by name, descriptions of their businesses, and details of my contributions to their wealth. And, you’ll find some comments from such clients. If you want even more evidence, transcripts of interviews with clients and their comments – pages and pages and pages of ‘em, relevant to this letter, can be found by clicking here.

If you take time to review this information, I believe you will find an overwhelming preponderance of proof, compelling reasons for you to obtain what I know about this for your use, for the rest of your life.



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