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Unlocking the Secrets to Direct Mail Profits 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Unlocking the Secrets to Direct Mail Profits 2021

Dan Kennedy – Unlocking the Secrets to Direct Mail Profits 2021



Unlocking The Secrets to Direct Mail Profits


Advanced Marketing: Learn the time tested, proven method for generating leads and converting those leads into customers creating huge income


This course is designed to extend the basic principles of direct marketing and assumes the student has already learned the basics of lists, mailers, promotion codes, and split testing. In this review of Direct Mail campaigns managed by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer over many years, the most successful components are distilled and analyzed-and proves that 90% of marketers don’t take the critical extra steps to move their ads from good to GREAT. Framed around the recession that started in late 2008, there are strategies shared to help teach how to maximize the dollars spent by small business owners looking to re-position their offerings. You will get tactics to earn the status of top of mind so your business is viewed as ‘more essential’ to help survive the cut (in spending) that so many consumers are making today. Another key behavior of sifting through high and low probability prospects is shared. This aims to help eliminate wasted costs. Finally, using the lists you may already have or will rent, several strategies to enhance its value with harvesting key data points are provided. This helps re-enforce a recurring theme: that simply having a great piece of copy is NOT the silver bullet to obtain highest results. This course takes the student beyond looking at response % as a measure, and aims at an ROI formula to truly understand the benefits of your targeted efforts. Direct Mail profits digs far beyond that notion and goes even further-providing other dimensions that, when added together make up a very powerful lesson from the experts in this field.


What You’ll Learn?

  • How to match the MESSAGE to the MARKET with examples.
  • Avoiding dangerous references that disengage the marketer from their audience.
  • Advanced lessons in list segmentation and overlay with several case studies for reinforcement.
  • Detailed discussion on offers: “Half-Off vs. Buy One Get one FREE”….Which is better
  • Managing offers with lists: exercises and Q&A about city/rural buyers and other vital demographics to understand
  • Instructions for designing aprice in certain mailers so you aren’t leaving money on the table.
  • How results explode and 1 + 1 = 4 When segmentation AND versioning are used together.
  • For extreme relevance to attendees of this recorded session, The Glazer Kennedy Marketing campaign for this 2009 conference class is used as a case study to review Targeted and precision Direct Mail tactics.
  • From off-line to on-line conversion…the strategy and usage of a PURL.
  • Who are the 3 easiest prospects to sell using advanced Direct Mail tactics?
  • 9 ways to shop and rank the value of possible lists to buy/rent-a systematic guide.
  • How to introduce premium pricing into the RIGHT Direct Mail Lists.
  • Using the on-site collection method to build list value and maximized your marketing spend.
  • The right kind of visual imagery to include, and where it should be in your ads.

Who Is It For?

This course is for any entrepreneur or business owner who is comfortably on their way with creating a better message, but now wants to focus even more on the details of the market and the media chosen. It also benefits those who want to niche market with more defined lists and choose to carefully allocate and track their spending in these areas. This course is of particular relevance to the business owner that, (with some courage), realizes that direct mail has always worked, works now, and will always work…therefore, if direct mail isn’t working-it must be YOU that needs the editing !!. This course will be ideal for people looking to and considering advanced list segmentation; and will discuss the secret of ‘overlay’ to make a good list GREAT. With credit to Mark Penn’s Micro-Trends, Dan Kennedy displays examples that have utilized overlay and this book’s theory: It lays out examples of hugely successful direct mail businesses then and now; what was done, how it was implemented, and how results and ROI were tracked to prove effectiveness.There is strong relevance for those wishing to weave instorytelling to personalize their content. Those looking to use precision tactics with their Direct Mail lists and messaging will teach how to use a person’s passionate interests will get great information on how to get 75% or more readers to give you their undivided interest.

What You Get

  • This course includes the 5.5 hour Dan Kennedy / Bill Glazer Course on both:
    • 4-DVDs for those that prefer the video version
    • 3 CDs for those that prefer listening to the event in audio
    • 1 bonus CD with extra material not following strict outline
  • 97-page Course Transcription manual
  • 38-page workbook and key idea outline & guide-containing all samples shown in class


This course contains over 6.5hours of proven content used by ALL types of business with great results.


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