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Ultra Advanced Sales and Persuasion Strategies 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Ultra Advanced Sales and Persuasion Strategies 2021

Dan Kennedy – Ultra Advanced Sales and Persuasion Strategies 2021



Ultra Advanced Sales and Persuasion Strategies


Sales: Dramatically increase your sales with less hassle using the secret tipping point that allows customers to buy rather than to be sold


This course is a packaging of Dan Kennedy’s 1-afternoon presentation as a single $500 per person course for new members; and had other existing members attending this as a free bonus to a lengthier and more in-depth 2-day seminar. Dan Kennedy shares some of the key items to help people looking to re-engineer the process of selling; with a focus on delivering the right type of information and the right quantity of information during the sale. An essential set of do’s and don’ts are given revolving around 2 key principles of buyers and human nature. In Kennedy style, a reference to a cartoon strip is used as a basis with which to discuss a profound requirement for a seller to establish credibility with buyers first. What starts with laughter immediately delivers a poignant lesson. Marketing has delivered a prospect to you, but there’s more difficult and necessary work to generate the sale now and for the future. So…. What now? What should you do? What should you avoid? Dan outlines 4 tipping points that when addressed, allow buyers to buy; rather than be sold to. These coaching sessions are invaluable for everyone taking this course who doesn’t have clients/patients immediately ready to make purchase and some discussion and ‘closing’ will be needed. You will get several action items and strategies from this course that will have a huge impact on your business!


What You’ll Learn?

  • Establish tactics to build the authority needed to be a credible seller for each niche
  • Understand and leverage the importance of borrowed celebrity.
  • Fundamentally change the way the prospect is handled by a salesperson.
  • Creating a vocabulary of relevance to accomplish more with less during a sales conversation.
  • How to remove awkward obstacles and being seen as credible when they are addressed.
  • Understand the reward of rebuilding sales process will impact on repeat customers and on-going relationships vs. simply getting more 1st-time buyers.
  • Re-Setting your sales conversation around 2 very important facts about buyers.
  • How to prevent ‘sticker-shock’ on higher cost goods/services
  • Learning relevant and potent vocabulary phrases to use that are usually ‘ bungled ‘ in sales conversation.

Who Is It For?

The business owner who has done the work to get people in the door, but wonders… “now what”. This Others who benefit are those thinking that that buying is a logical, rational process for a buyer.It is for someone who admits that while learning GKIC marketing is fun, there is an elephant in the room -poor handling of sales- and needs to fix it using dirty, roll-up-your-sleeves work that admittedly isn’t fun, but makes better use of the leads that you worked hard to get. Those who don’t have a set of best practices will also benefit; as there is focus onon un-doing industry bad-practices. There is discussion on scripts, to minimize waste and runningto buy more leads or better leads. Attendees at this event paid close to a $1,000 in registration and travel costs – you can experience every minute for a small fraction of what they paid.

What You Get

  • This course includes the 2.5 hour Dan Kennedy Course on both:
    • 1 DVD for those that prefer the video version
    • 2 CDs for those that prefer listening to the event in audio
  • 37-page Course Transcription manual
  • 8-page workbook/vocabulary manual


This course contains over 19 hours of information-packed content.


Sales Strategies

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  • DVD 1
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  • CD 2
  • BOOK 1
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