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Top Secret Ninja Funnels 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Top Secret Ninja Funnels 2021

Dan Kennedy – Top Secret Ninja Funnels 2021



Top Secret Ninja Funnels


Discover Our Top Secret ‘Ninja’ Sales Funnels GKIC And Other Savvy Marketers Are ExploitingFor Maximum Profits, So You Can Legally Steal Them For Yourself And Start Creating ‘Free Money’ Out Of Thin Air.


Discover Our Top Secret ‘Ninja’ Sales Funnels GKIC And Other Savvy Marketers Are Exploiting For Maximum Profits, So You Can Legally Steal Them For Yourself And Start Creating ‘Free Money’ Out Of Thin Air.

GKIC has created sales funnels that have been responsible for MILLIONS of dollars of sales for our company.

And now, you can now “legally steal” the profit multipliers that are responsible for taking every single dollar that GKIC makes and turning it into $4, $5, even $6—just by adding a couple additional steps.

This is critical for you, because, chances are; you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table by not implementing these steps in your business.

Perhaps you’re just looking for the “one-off” sale—trying to sell as much product or get as many customers, clients or patients as humanely possible and be happy with the money you make with that initial transaction.

You see, the secret to having a TRUE “income at will” business is to have a sales funnel that let’s you literally multiply every single dollar for every sale you make. And to take every single lead you get and gently push them up money pyramid—putting more dollars in your pocket.

Ninja Funnels reveals the 5 sales funnels that literally creates FREE MONEY for GKIC by allowing us to get up to 6 dollars back for every dollar our customers spend with us.

It’s all about the magic that happens after the initial sale.

Imagine being able to advertise wherever you want, outspend your competition, hire the BEST employees, advertise ANYWHERE you want, and KEEP advertising there again and again.

That’s because most of your competition is trying to sell as many copies of their “thing” they can sell. They do NOT have these secret “ninja” funnels in place, so they cannot drop $5,000 on that magazine ad, spend $2,000/month in pay-per-click marketing, or hire that hotshot copywriter that commands $10,000 per sales letter.

When you take action today, you’ll discover our “secret” upsell sequence, how we follow up with certain customers with direct mail, the pieces that have worked for us, and what to avoid when it comes to siphoning your customers through your sales funnel.

Here are the 5 funnels you’ll discover:

  • The Grab-N-Go $4.95 Money-Making Machine: This is THE funnel you need to implement if you want to filter out free prospects from people who are willing to yank out their wallet and buy. It instantly filters out your hyper-active prospects…allowing you to segment your list and market to each one by itself. This is stuff hardly anybody is doing.
  • The $0 to $6-Figure Escalator: This is a simple funnel that’ll show you an easy way to sell a high-priced program. You’ll be able to pre-qualify those that are truly interested in what you offer…instead of “looky-loos” who will just waste your time. Just wait until you see the direct mail sequence we recommend.
  • The Buckets O’ Cash Generator: This funnel was a 100% offline direct mail campaign that made the cash register ring continuously. And it doesn’t matter what business you’re in…it can be equally as profitable for you too.
  • The 6x Converter: This funnel was used to increase the value of a new member or product purchaser by 600%. This is what we used in our last launch and the campaign is about 60 days long. There is an automated evergreen backend that is killer…you have to check it out. All hands off on your part.
  • The Accidental Member Generator: This funnel is a great way to instantly turn any request for free information/downloads/etc. into an offer that 10%-20% will take immediately. It works for memberships, products, or services. This is a prime opportunity to segment your database by offering them “free” to discover who is interested in buying!Sure, you can “test and tweak” yourself and try to figure this stuff out yourself. Or you can be smart and just follow what we do. We’ve already done all the hard work for you, now all you have to do a reap the benefits.


Who Is It For?

Ninja Funnels is for intermediate or advanced marketers who already have a product or service and are looking for new ways to tweak their existing sales funnels for higher profits.

What You Get

  • A transcription manual
  • Top-Secret Ninja Funnel Poster
  • A DVD


Advanced Marketing

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  • DVD
  • Swipe File
  • Transcription