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SuperConference 2009


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Dan Kennedy - SuperConference 2009

Dan Kennedy – SuperConference 2009

I’ve gone a little crazy and decided to give you a $1,000.00 credit that you can use towards your SuperConferencesm Registration Discount as well as Three Gift Certificates totaling an ADDITIONAL $469.95 in FREE Resources. I’ll explain later how you can cash everything in but first let me tell you about the three reasons I’ve made such a BOLD OFFER available to you YOU…one of our “Elite’ GOLD Members:
#1: Given the state of the economy, this year’s MARKETING & MONEY-MAKING SuperConferencesm is THE MOST IMPORTANT EVER, we want to give you this huge discount and FREE Resources as a “stimulus” to COMBAT THE RECESSION and to get you to take quick action.
#2: Frankly, we know that for many of our Members it’s tough out there. I hear it first hand from the people in my own Mastermind Coaching Programs and private clients. And who better to come to your “Rescue,” with RECESSION BUSTER Strategies, during difficult times (when you might need it the most) than Glazer-Kennedy? So, this year’s SuperConferencesm is all about…
If You attend no other event in 2009 and invest in no other resources to fight economic woes… attending the SuperConferenceSM is not an option… it’s a business requirement!
-Dan Kennedy

…How To ENSURE That You RISE ABOVE The RECESSION, Make 2009 A Super-Prosperous Year And Prepare To Profit As Never Before In The Fast-Developing Economy

#3: As a Newer “Elite” GOLD Member, you might not be as familiar with The SuperConferenceSM as our more ‘veteran’ Members. It is THE ‘once-a-year’ gathering of our best and brightest Members as well as the ‘elite’ group of Speakers & Celebrities we present to you. PLUS…this year with the troubling economy it is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER that you attend and I don’t want money to stand in your way. So, I’m making you the MOST GENEROUS DISCOUNT OFFER possible. After all, Dan and I have an interest in your continued success…especially during these uncertain economic times.

Heck, to prove to you that this IS the MOST IMPORTANT SuperConferencesm EVER, we’ve even JUST ADDED an additional E-X-T-E-N-D-E-D session exclusively with Dan Kennedy appropriately titled: “Your Very Own Bail-Out from Dan!”

This is an ‘in-depth” expansion of the RESCESSION RESCUE Special Report (You will receive a Copy of Dan’s RECESSION RESCUE REPORT mailed to you FREE as one of your special SuperConferencesm Gifts with registration) – don’t miss this. Here’s just a sampling of what Dan will be covering:


Every so often, an economic cycle seperates man from boys, tough from weak, agile from dull. In selling, salespeople often mimic poorly performing athletes when they talk about “being in a slump.” And slumps do occur sometimes with obvious stimulus, such as recession; other times, solely as a result of private reasons. Either way, it’s not the getting into a slump or the existence of slumps that matters. It’s how you get yourself to play your way out.”

– Dan Kennedy
1) WHAT??!!?? – HE SAYS IT CAN BE EASIER TO MAKE A TON OF MONEY IN BAD TIMES THAN GOOD? IS HE LOONEY? DISCOVER the unique opportunity presented by troubled times, by the one thing people are looking for more than anything else during such times that you can provide, that makes people eager buyers and stuck-like-glue customers and champion-advocates to a far greater extreme than during calmer times, and attracts customers/clients to you who might otherwise be resistant. YES, using this ‘One Big Thing’, it can actually be easier to make money during rocky economies than during calm times. REVEALED ONLY IN THIS SESSION!

2) SSSHHH! – HERE’S A SECRET NO ONE ELSE KNOWS (including your competitors): there is something much, much, much more important than the reality-of-recession, in the minds and emotions of customers/clients with ample ability to buy yet hesitation and resistance; deal with this and make it “OK to buy”, and watch sales SOAR! (Affluent customers actually explained this ‘mental block’ to a New York Times interviewer – and told astute marketers exactly what they need to say, to make the ‘block’ go away.)

3) HE PROMISES: PENNY-PINCHERS’LL HAVE MENTAL ORGASMS over Dan’s pulled-out-of-the-recession-rescue-toolbox, dirt-cheap, guerilla warfare strategies for making “champagne sales” happen on a Budweiser drinker’s budget. You can squeeze that nickel until the cowboy’s ridin’ the buffalo. TEN “CHEAPSKATE STRATEGIES” to bring dollars in the door, fast ‘n certain.

Why Attending The SuperConferenceSM Is
THE Mandatory PLACE For Every Gold Members

* This is THE PLACE where the ‘elite’, most committed GKIC Members gather together once every year
* This is THE PLACE to learn how to rise above Recession
* This is THE PLACE where for multiple days you get to immerse yourself into marketing and money-making, being exposed to the highest quality, variety, and depth and breadth of what’s working
* This is THE PLACE where you can meet the person, make the contact, find the vendor, unearth the opportunity or get the idea that literally changes your life.
* This is THE PLACE where millions are made in the hallways. (There are no other hallways like The SuperConferenceSM hallways!)
* This is THE PLACE where you can invest in yourself
* Heck…This is THE PLACE Where the Light Bulb Goes Off and ‘GOLD’ Members Scream Out…I finally “Get It”!

4) HUNT WHERE THE HUNTIN’S GOOD: Dan says: in recession, there are Two Types Of Customers “Quietly” EAGER…EAGER, EAGER, EAGER!….to buy, to find new providers, to get excited about new products and services, TO BUY WHEN NO ONE ELSE IT. You’d better know who these folks are IN YOUR BUSINESS CATEGORY and where to find ‘em and how to attract ‘em.

That’s Not All… There’s Also Another Special E-X-T-E-N-D-E-D Session Exclusively With ‘Me’ Called:
Bill Glazer To The Rescue
With Super-Strength Recession-Buster
Low Cost, High Return
Advertising, Marketing & Promotion
Strategies & Real-Life Examples

This is THE PLACE Where The Light Bulb (Finally) Goes Off and Members “Get It.”
I’ve won awards but, of course, of far greater importance, and cash – over 34 years, in boom times and in the toughest economic climates, in incredibly competitive environments. For this SuperConferenceSM, I have reached out to both Info-MASTERMIND Members and Peak Performer Coaching Members as well as GKIC Members worldwide, in order to assemble THE MOST VALAUBLE ‘Show-n-Tell’ I have ever presented….one “HOT” advertising, marketing and promotional Example after another, every one having proven itself producing top results…every one carefully and specifically chosen to Pay Off Big & Fast in today’s conditions. If you can’t take something home from this and convert it to cash in the bank, you need to fire yourself immediately.

Frankly, if you ONLY registered to listen in on the two EXPANDED Sessions I’ve described for you above, that would clearly be reason enough to click through to the registration page and sign up before the Special ECONOMIC STIMULUS Package I’ve prepared for you expires, but let me give you a PREVIEW of the rest of SuperConferenceSM. After all this is…The Most Important and ‘Timely’ MARKETING & MONEY-MAKING SuperConferenceSM EVER …

Also at this year’s SuperConferencesm …

IVANKA TRUMP brings an extraordinary range of insider experience and insight in Designing and Marketing Products and Experiences for the Affluent….in personal and business promotion…and managing difficult projects with millions of dollars at stake.. This is a rare opportunity to hear from this dynamic young entrepreneur in person! (DIAMOND Members (formerly known as Gold+) will have a photo opportunity with Ivanka.)

PETER SHEA, owner of Entrepreneur Media (consisting of the world-famous ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE, Entrepreneur Press – which publishes Dan’s No B.S. books, and, Mr. Shea sees more business ideas, more business start-ups and meets more entrepreneurs than anyone on the planet, and that, combined with his own life’s adventures, make him uniquely qualified to discuss what it REALLY takes to succeed in a big way.

DEREK GEHL presenting How To (Finally) Really MAKE THE INTERNET PAY Whether you just want to fuel sales for your local business or practice…..or expand your business’ reach….or develop a growing, global online/e-commerce enterprise….or create a 2nd income “on the side”….or convert your personal hobby, interest or passion into income via ‘internet publishing’ — you simply MUST hear what Derek is putting together. And the timing for this just couldn’t possibly be better; after all, has there ever been a better time for you to leverage low-cost, fast-action marketing opportunities?

ALEXANDRIA BROWN presenting How To CASH IN BIG On Personality-Driven Marketing And Go From ‘Nowhere to Millionaire.’ Ali will reveal why personality-driven marketing is the most powerful strategy you can completely control and use to increase profits right now, in this economic climate….how she has used the internet, virtual assistants, and systems to automate her business….how to get out of your own way and achieve her trademarked promise: “designing your business to create an extraordinary life®”!

Ryan Deiss – BY POPULAR DEMAND – the #1 Rated Speaker at the 2008 Info-SUMMITSM: How To Perfect A Membership Site Business And Profit From Continuity Income – and it can apply to any business, in any industry! Everybody from Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds, Disney and Apple to solo-entrepreneurs and local small business owners are in the online-social-networking game, but nobody knows it inside-out like Ryan! Let him guide you to fast addition of this to your business or much greater success with it if you’re already up and running…let this be your recession-busting breakthrough booster for your present business and/or a NEW “MONEY MACHINE!”

Mike Capuzzi: Boost Response Rates By 250% And Up With Dynamic ‘Copy Cosmetics’: Ad & Sales Letter Design Secrets ….and Actual Examples. Mike is the inventor of the wildly successful software, CopyDoodles®, that makes creating the hand-drawn, hand-margin note, hand-scribbles graphics additions to sales letters offline or online “drag and drop easy,” and has made himself an expert in the “sales letter COSMETICS” that bring copy to life – and boost response by double, triple, quadruple! Here, he’ll send you home with SIXTEEN response-boosting techniques you can use immediately and will use for life!

Dave Frees: Secrets of Master Persuaders: How To Make Your Products, Services And Offers IRRESISTIBLE to The Most Profitable Buyers. Question: what if you could actually, instantly change a person’s physiology so they were craving to know more about what you had to say and sell? How to have people riveted and fascinated; how to create trust faster; how to gain advantage selling in a tough economy. You’ve just gotta hear Dave’s “5 Minute Mastery” of persuasive techniques!

Russell Brunson: Traffic Attraction Breakthroughs: How To Get A Virtually Unlimited Amount Of Traffic Directed To ANY Website – with zero manual labor. Russell has CRACKED THE CODE TO TRAFFIC – and it’s NOT pay per click, SEO, social media or probably anything else you’re familiar with! This is real insider info, and if you have a web site, you just can’t afford to miss out

Mike Stewart: Online Video Breakthroughs: How To Generate More Leads And Get More Sales With Cutting-Edge Online Video Presentations – and it’s easy! Mike is known as “The Internet Audio and Video Guy” – and has since helped countless entrepreneurs transform their web sites into multi-media presentation theaters that capture the interest of visitors and convert them to customers. YOU CAN’T MISS THIS!

Debbie Phillips: Women On Fire!: How To Transform Passions Into Profits & Balance Competing Demands Of Entrepreneurial Life. Women On Fire is a national movement of women making a difference in the world, their lives, work, and communities. You’ll hear from its founder, a pioneer in the field of executive, entrepreneur and life coaching, Debbie Phillips. Today, she is celebrated for her inspiration, strategies and support, for transforming the lives of women.

Alexandria Brown (Again): Discover ‘The Woman Entrepreneur ADVANTAGE’: How To Design Your Desired Life! Alexandria Brown is CEO of Alexandria Brown International Inc., a company devoted to empowering women around the world to live freedom-based lives via owning successful businesses

Lee Milteer: Competing Successfully In A Man’s World/Empowerment Through Intuition. Lee is well-known to many Glazer-Kennedy Members as the co-chair of our Peak Performers international coaching program, now in its 3rd year. Here, she’ll be sharing personal strategies for coping with change, competing in stressful environments, and trusting in your own power and intuition.

Plus…TWO Unbelievable BONUS Sessions with Dan and Me

By Request: A Special Evening with…
Dan Kennedy: “Unplugged”
(Rated MA for MATURE Audiences Only)
…unscripted, unedited, unfiltered. Raw.
Will he let “slip” the “secret” worth a million to YOU?

Up-Date On The Business Everybody Needs To Be In, One Way Or Another! – Info-Marketing

As they say… WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

The incredibly popular MEET-THE-EXPERTS ROUNDTABLES, your opportunity to directly engage speakers, experts, extraordinarily successful Members…..EXPANDED DIAMOND (formerly known as GOLD+ Members’) LOUNGE, a comfortable place to relax, meet with other Diamond Members …Diamond Members’ Meet-n-Greet and Photo Opportunity with IVANKA TRUMP …Book Signings and Photo Opportunities with Dan Kennedy, and with Sydney Barrows (for her new book, Uncensored Sales Strategies), and with me, Bill Glazer (for my new book, OUTRAGEOUS ADVERTISING That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful)…..Glazer-Kennedy MARKETER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION & Award.

Here they are, gathered all in one place: the important vendors, suppliers, experts, freelancers … the folks that make implementation happen for Glazer-Kennedy and so many of our top Insider’s Circle Members.

Our special “MEET THE EXPERTS” ROUND-TABLES, where all Members get a taste of the mastermind experience – and get to ask questions and discuss their businesses with Experts, Speakers, VIP, Info-MASTERMIND, and Platinum Insider’s Circle Members and other top achievers.

Plus, an unbelievable opportunity to spend an ‘optional ADDITIONAL Bonus Day with Dan Kennedy where he goes into in-depth details on:

Unlocking the Secrets
to Maximum Profits NOW from
With Sophisticated List Segmentation, Message Specificity
And Other Insider Strategies
– with amazing examples and case histories

DETAILS: The 2009 SuperConferencesm will take place in Chicago, Illinois, April 30th – May 2nd with an unforgettable Full Bonus Day with Dan Kennedy on Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Profits NOW from DIRECT-MAIL, With Sophisticated List Segmentation, Message Specificity And Other Insider Strategies

What would a SuperConferencesm Be Without A SUPER GUARANTEE!

If, at the dinner break of Day #1, you do NOT agree that you are participating in a Life-Altering Event and Experience of SUPER Importance and Value to you, you may advise us of your disappointment, exit the Conference (and the hotel), with a FULL, 100% REFUND OF YOUR FEE plus up to $500.00 REIMBURSEMENT of documented Air Travel and Hotel Costs.

Get Dan Kennedy – SuperConference 2009 now!

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