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Sales and Persuasion Strategies 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Sales and Persuasion Strategies 2021

Dan Kennedy – Sales and Persuasion Strategies 2021



Sales and Persuasion Strategies


Sales: Learn to land sales with ease when Dan Kennedy lays out his advanced strategies to become more trustworthy and influential


This course will help students identify the key components behind selling ANY product or service in a brutally candid, NO B.S. style. Students will learn to uncover, dissect and modify the 2-way dialogue between buyer and seller to their benefit. They will learn how to extract all the possible advantages out of their offerings. They can exploit the powerful drivers and perceptions that are driving today’s buyer behavior. Dan will help you spot classic BAD behaviors and mistakes from a seller that perpetuate negative perceptions from the buyer, and help to turn them completely around with proven examples that span across retail to real estate to medicine to politics. It teaches how to establish credibility, demand, higher price points, and conducting sales presentations on your terms. Your value will finally be seen by buyers who will perceive you as an expert authority, highly sought after, therefore commanding the highest prices.


What You’ll Learn?

  • How you can support and justify the highest fees and most premium prices while preventing sticker-shock
  • Use leverage and control in a dialogue so that power rests with YOU during selling
  • Fundamentally change the way the prospect is handled by a salesperson.
  • How to create a ‘shock and awe’ box to immediately separate you from your competition.
  • How to measure effectiveness ROI vs. response %
  • Discover what rationalizations customers go through to justify a purchase-andsupply them ahead of time.
  • Learn how to build personality and a story into your image.
  • The classic blunders in sales that lead to fewer sales, lower prices, lost business, and leave you wondering -“What Happened?”
  • What key bonds should be made with buyers to forge great relationships that still leave you in control.
  • How constructing a price ladder immediately in sales discussions removes price from the sellers mind.
  • How to immediately remove objections before they occur and block your progress.

Who Is It For?

This course will aid the small business person facing heavy competition or commoditization despite having real value in their offerings. Business owners who feel that a better mousetrap or working harder is the solution definitely need this course! This course aids those who deal with prospects basing their decision to buy on price and extraneous factors beyond their control. This course lays out specific and proven ways to eliminate being put into that “line-up” . Ideally, this course is for those who want to market with a goal of uncovering those with a pre-disposition to buy from only you. This course also will appeal to the business owner who still has traditional notions of sales engrained; and believes that doing a better job or working harder at these traditional approaches is the key. Dan proves that this is NOT the case. Many who want to systematize their sales and establish predictable rules of engagement with their market will benefit from this course. It is also for people who wish to stop working through ‘gatekeepers’ by sharing tactics to directly engage more elusive prospects one-on-one. The student who feels that buying is a strictly logical process without feelings or emotions MUST review this course so they can re-think their tactics!

What You Get

  • This course includes 4 DVDs
  • 65-page Course Transcription manual
  • 75-page supplemental guide with overhead materials/examples


This course contains over 5 hours of information-packed content.


Sales Strategies

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