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Renegade Millionaire System 2012


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Dan Kennedy - Renegade Millionaire System

Dan Kennedy – Renegade Millionaire System

Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire system is all about MONEY and AUTONOMY. It is about making money differently. Quicker, easier, in bigger chunks than you’re used to. Even about attracting it, rather than pursuing it. About accumulating it more certainly, faster, to achieve real wealth, security and independence. It is about achieving the AUTONOMY that empowers you to do What you want, When you want, Where you want, With whom you want, At the price you want, At the terms you want, or cheerfully, guiltlessly, confidently, securely, painlessly saying “No” and “Next.”

Dan S. Kennedy’s program for making Money differently and what you need NOT trade in order to get all the money you want.

Get a clearer, more definitive blueprint for achieving whatever business, money, success, fame, impact and/or influence goals you may have while defying all normal, common, ordinary, boundaries and restrictions-on speed, ease and independence. Based on Dan’s hands-on, personal and continuing relationships with extraordinary achievers, his own three decades of entrepreneurial experience and a retrospective look at his previously written, recorded, published and unpublished works, you’ll get an inside look at Renegade Millionaires in a way no one else can share.

Make MONEY Quicker, Easier & In Bigger Chunks
Attract Money Instead of Pursuing It
Achieve Real Wealth, Security and Independence

Why Everyone Else Is DEAD WRONG About Achieving Wealth And Prosperity In This Economy…And How You Can Leverage The ‘Great Recession’ To Attract Even MORE Customers  And Clients That’ll Give You Money, Over And Over Again!.

Module 1:
Mini-Interviews With Renegade Millionaires
Five Leverage Points For Radical Change In Business
How Renegade Millionaires Create Extreme Marketplace Advantage
How Renegade Millionaires Profit From Strategic Alliances
Mistakes To Avoid

Module 2:
The Secret Of Self-Promotion (vs. Business Promotion
Profit From Expert Positioning
Secrets Of ‘Million Dollar Sales Presentations’

Module 3:
How Renegade Millionaires Use Direct-Response Marketing Differentl
My Most Powerful Wealth Creation Strategy: Membership Concept Marketing
Success In The New ‘Permission Required’ Marketing Environment

Module 4:
Renegade Millionaire MONEY STRATEGIES
What Renegade Millionaires Know About Being Broke/Being Rich That You Do Not Know
What Renegade Millionaires Know And Do Differently About ‘Price’
The Entrepreneur’s #1 Money Priority

Module 5:
How Renegade Millionaires Make Practical Use Of A Personal Belief System
How Renegade Millionaires Manage Time Differently – Radically Differently!
How Renegade Millionaires Manage Failure