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Renegade Millionaire System 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Renegade Millionaire System 2021

Dan Kennedy – Renegade Millionaire System 2021



Renegade Millionaire System


Renegade Millionaire Time Management System is a very in-depth look at Dan Kennedy’s RADICAL, tough-minded, personal approach to achieving ABSOLUTE control over your time.


Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire System is all about MONEY and AUTONOMY. It is about making money differently — quicker, easier, in bigger chunks than you’re used to. Even about attracting it, rather than pursuing it. About accumulating it more certainly, faster, to achieve real wealth, security and independence. It is about achieving the AUTONOMY that empowers you to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, at the price you want, at the terms you want, or cheerfully, guiltlessly, confidently, securely, painlessly saying “No” and “Next.”

  • Renegade Millionaire System topics include:
  • Renegade Millionaire entrepreneurial strategies
  • Renegade Millionaire advertising, promotion, and sales
  • Renegade Millionaire money strategies
  • Renegade Millionaire self-management and personal achievement strategies
  • Autonomy: Living life on your own terms

Renegade Millionaire System is delivered to you as an audio program, so you can listen to it whenever and wherever you have access to a CD-ROM drive.


What You’ll Learn?

Upon completion of Renegade Millionaire System, you will be able to:

  • Explain the Renegade Millionaire entrepreneurial strategies
  • Discuss the Renegade Millionaire marketing and sales strategies
  • Utilize the Renegade Millionaire approach to accelerate your own productivity and freedom

Who Is It For?

Many satisfied customers report that Renegade Millionaire System is Dan’s greatest program, possibly the greatest wealth-making, truth-telling program, period. Any entrepreneur who does NOT get this is a complete idiot. Any entrepreneur who fails to make a fortune thanks to it is an even bigger idiot.

What You Get

  • Dan’s interview conducted by Lee Milteer extend over 12 CDs
  • A transcription manual that includes:
    • 17 MEGA-Strategies
    • 28 Core Competencies
    • 24 Exercises – a Six-Month Action Course
  • The giant 396-page Archives Book of relevant resources and reference materials
  • DVD of Dan’sMagnetic Marketing presentation


Renegade Millionaire System consists of:

  • 12 CDs
  • Transcription manual – 146 pages
  • Archives Book – 146 pages
  • DVD of Dan’s Magnetic Marketing presentation


Renegade Millionaire

Contents 15

  • DVD 1
  • CD 1
  • CD 2
  • CD 3
  • CD 4
  • CD 5
  • CD 6
  • CD 7
  • CD 8
  • CD 9
  • CD 10
  • CD 11
  • CD 12
  • Archives
  • Desk Reference