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Recession Made Renegade Millionaire


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Dan Kennedy - Recession Made Renegade Millionaire

Dan Kennedy – Recession Made Renegade Millionaire

“Why Everyone Else Is DEAD WRONG About Achieving Wealth And Prosperity In This Economy…And How You Can Leverage The ‘Great Recession’ To Attract Even MORE Customers
And Clients That’ll Give You Money
Over And Over Again!”

Forget Those “Talking Heads” On TV Who Yammer About How Much The Economy Stinks. That’s Just For Losers !

Read Every Single Word Of This Message To Discover 3 Key Concepts That’ll Transform The Great Recession Into The Biggest Wealth Opportunity Of Your Life!

Dear Savvy Renegade Marketer:

Let’s cut right to the chase: if you read every single word of this message I’m going to show you – and prove to you – how to use THIS time as the b est time of the past two decades to increase your wealth by MILLIONS of dollars.

Regardless of your business – online or offline or both, a physical store or showroom or place of business, or a web site or webinar, or a seminar at a hotel…I’m also going to show you how to attract more customers and have them come to you …instead of having to hunt them down.

I’m also going to tell you about 3 dynamic concepts you’ll be able to take action on RIGHT NOW…so you can capitalize on the great wealth opportunity presented by the current economy.

Yep, you read that right:

Economic Recession Creates Frustration

For Most…But Creates New Wealth Building

Opportunities For Many!

You see, while others use this economy as an excuse for not doing well and let it be their master , you can use it as a springboard to a life lived on your own terms …rapidly getting all the wealth and success you’ve ever imagined!

Here’s the deal: The deeper and longer the recession, the greater the opportunity. Most “pretenders” believe a long, tedious recession like this one is a time to hunker down, crawl further back into the cave…

Forget that!

The majority is ALWAYS wrong about money and wealth, and they’ve never been more wrong than now!

Seriously, this can be the best time of your lifetime to make serious money. The best time to attract people and money to you as never before!

If you overdose on the mainstream media’s news of gloom and doom or listen to losers around you who have surrendered, you won’t even know how many people are making more money than ever before in their lives.

So, the economy’s been pretty sour. I’m going to come back to that thought in a minute, because I have a very big, bold statement and promise for you, about the economy, and it’s not about the end of the world as we know it.

But first, this narrower promise: I am a master at attraction by marketing. Last year, my private clients generated over $500-million from marketing I had a hand in. They did more business than that, but I’m only taking credit for what I contributed to.

In one case, I five-timesed the traffic to a client’s web sites and doubled conversions.

And almost all of them had sales and profit increases, year over year. Some did it with brand new business start-ups, leaping from zero to millions, too.

And they did it all by the principle of attraction.

Now before we continue let’s make one thing perfectly clear:

Attraction Has NOTHING To Do With Thinking

“Woo-Woo” Thoughts…And Hope To Manifest Prosperity And Wealth With NO Work At All!

Renegade Millionaire Case Study #1: The Kardashians

The Kardashians nearly doubled their combined incomes from $50-million to $100-million, year to year, last year.

You might think that you have nothing in common with the Kardashians, but it would be more profitable to look beyond the obvious, and see how their extraordinary incomes making them wealthy in the midst of the recession reveal an important clue for you.

I have a boring client, not famous like the Kardashians, famous only in his small niche market, who made about $200,000.00 in 2009, almost $600,000.00 in 2010, and over $3-million in 2011 exactly the same way the Kardashians went about getting rich…

…by making himself more fascinating to more people.

And both he and the Kardashians used their online media – social media, web sites, membership sites – to convert that fascination to money.

You probably didn’t know that the size and responsiveness of the Kardashian’s e-mail, Twitter and Facebook lists factor into the money they’re paid for product endorsements.

And you’ll discover this blueprint for attracting “raving fans” when you keep reading this letter!

Now you may be familiar with ‘the law of attraction’ as a metaphysical or personal development concept, where it’s presented in context of thinking will make it so…

…as if mortals can actually turn water into wine.

There’s some truth in all that, but it’s made a big lie by the omission of: the basics of commerce.

To manifest prosperity and wealth, you have to exchange something for money . And to do that, you have to deploy the principles of attraction in a practical way .

You see, a friend of mine appeared in the documentary ‘The Secret’, which even made it to Oprah…

…and I mean them no disrespect, but their presentation of the principle of attraction does, in fact, lie by omission .

And if you’ve actually tried sitting under a tree and conjuring up a new car, you know there’s something left out of the manifesting story.

The good news is that there are known and reliable principles of attraction that, when deployed properly , in a practical way , can draw huge numbers of potential customers…

…to your web sites

…to your webinars or web stores

…to your physical brick and mortar businesses

…to appointments with you or your salespeople

…and can draw the opportunities, people and resources you need to you as well.

And that is what I want to focus most on in this letter: practical attraction, for profit. How to make your marketing magnetically attractive. .

You see, there is an ocean of money out there , and it flows to the people who know how to attract it.

And in this message, I’m going to equip you to use the principles of attraction in a practical way as never before, and guide you to a different understanding of how the economy really works to make some rich…

…while others suffer.

Think about it: you’ll be able to look back on The Great Recession as the biggest wealth opportunity of your life!

How To Make Your Marketing

Magnetically Attractive So You Can Make Your

Competition Irrelevant!

You see, I coined the term “magnetic marketing” during the great Jimmy Carter recession, which began my own revolution in marketing:

…making it about magnetic attraction instead of pursuit and product-pushing.

You see, most advertising and marketing performs poorly and disappoints dramatically not because of a sour economy, but because it is pushing product or blatantly hunting customers as if they are prey….because it has not been engineered to be magnetically attractive.

If you send out e-mail or regular mail or otherwise advertise and just can’t seem to get the results you want and need, don’t blame this economy , don’t blame the customers and don’t blame yourself either.

Hardly anybody’s ever been taught the difference between “ordinary” marketing and magnetic marketing. And let’s face it: what you don’t know…you don’t know.

You see, if you re-engineer your marketing with the principles of magnetic attraction, you’ll see immediate, dramatic results.

So, if you want more traffic, hang in here with me, you’re in the right place . I’ve got something for you.

But first…

Who the HECK Am I…And
Why You Should Listen To Me?

You will want to know why you should listen to me about this if you are not already familiar with my 35-year track record. I am 58 years old. I have history , including two major recessions before this one.

I am a from-scratch, multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur with money flowing to me daily from virtually every online marketing media there is…

…from offline media, from businesses I have interests in, and from royalties paid to me over and above fees from the private clients I advise.

I have used the three key concepts I’ll tell you about in a minute to make and keep a modest fortune, and, of equal or greater importance, to organize and live my life exactly as I choose .

If you will permit me, I’d like to present you with that very same opportunity: not just to get healthy financially at this opportune time, but to organize and live your life exactly as you really want to – free of debt, beholden to no one, able to live anywhere you choose, as you choose.

Now before I start laying out the facts and three concepts you need, I want to get clear on something.

First, I have ZERO natural talent . I also have no relevant formal education or any other special advantage that you don’t have with regard to anything I’m about to show you.

I have taught myself to uncover and act on hidden opportunity others do not see – even in their own businesses.

What I do, anyone can do, with the same set of facts and the three fundamental concepts I’ll present in this letter.

It doesn’t matter what business you are now in , if any yet, or where you are at present financially, you can be a recession-made millionaire!

But just to be blunt:

Don’t Even BOTHER Reading

On If You’re The Following:

If you’re the type of person who refuses to see their business any way but the way it is now or can’t emotionally handle flying in the face of convention…

…who can’t be open to radical, renegade ideas and actions …

…then now would be a fine time to stop reading this message.

Forget about it, and distract yourself with the latest cat-on-water-skiis video at YouTube.

Or tune in TV’s talking heads and listen to them yammer on about the recession as it is.

There are, after all, only two types of people: the masses who all walk in lock-step following behind each other, all in the same direction, as if it were the only direction.

Or those who step out of that group-think and group-march and dare to turn their back on it and head in an entirely different direction.

I’m talking about a sophisticated view of the economy and of success , and I’ve bored them – real quality thinking is hard work, which is why so few engage in it. Henry Ford said that.

So if you’re still here, let’s you and I talk about…

The Single BIGGEST Obstacle To Getting Rich:

It’s not recession – in fact, that can help , and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

In business, in marketing, the bane of our existence is acquiring customers . This is what stops most in their tracks.

Once you understand that the most difficult part of business…. the barrier to getting rich in any business….is the high cost and high difficulty of getting customers, you have a choice to make.

To busy yourself with other, less difficult things, or to give up altogether OR to focus with laser-like concentration and determination on cracking that code and being able to attract exactly what you need most: customers.

My friend Mike Vance, once a leader in the development of Disney University and of Epcot, and a breakthroughs consultant to companies like Marriott, tells of asking a CEO to cite the single biggest problem handicapping his company’s growth.

When the CEO did, Mike asked him who was working on it, and the CEO said: nobody.

When Mike asked why, the CEO said: it can’t be solved .

Similarly, the way to lose is to work on all sorts of things that aren’t the key issue in success or failure.

Frankly, you’re probably guilty of this. Most people are. I have to fight constantly to drag even smart clients away from this.

Renegade MillionaireCase Study #2: Jake Steinfeld

One of the many great entrepreneurs in direct marketing, Jake Steinfeld, who started from scratch and made himself famous and rich in the health and fitness field via Body By Jake and FitTV…

…the latter of which he sold for $50 million!

He titled his book ‘I’ve Seen A Lot Of Famous People Naked And They’ve Got Nothing On You’ .

You see, anybody can harness the principles of magnetic attraction.

Anybody can leverage the unique opportunity of a great recession.

Jake started out selling exercise devices. There are people watching this right now, selling exercise devices.

Why shouldn’t you make $500-million too?

I’ve met and interviewed Jake. He’s got nuthin’ on you – but a different focus than you, which you can come to understand when you claim your copy of Recession Made Renegade Millionaire!

If you will re-organize and re-focus on conquering this one thing that makes all the difference – attracting the customers you need, and stop diluting your efforts with everything else, you’ll quickly change everything , by changing one thing.

You see, I was once engaged in a long, complex consulting project with a major brand name weight-loss company.

Its name begins with a ‘W’.

They had great products, a stellar reputation, everything needed for success but the ability to attract enough customers to their web sites and to their local, brick and mortar locations, and meetings.

Incredibly, before I got there, this is the one thing they weren’t working on. They were busy re-doing the product for the billionth time, re-naming the programs, fooling around with everything but attraction.

At one point, the CEO called me in and said that he’d done some math and determined they were paying me more per hour than he was being paid as the CEO.

I told him there was good reason. That he knew how to do everything in the company better than I did, except for one thing: getting chubby, overweight women who sincerely wanted to lose weight to show up at meetings.

About that, he was clueless – and I was a genius. So we would keep the pay thing our little secret…

Think Of This As Being The Heroic Fireman Running

Toward The Burning Building…Instead Of One Of The Crowd Of Timid Spectators Shuffling Away!

If you will – with me by your side – run toward the one single biggest obstacle to you being as rich as you’d ever like to be, in any business of your choosing, you will also be running toward your riches.

That one thing is: success at attracting customers. You can say it as you wish: attracting traffic , getting leads, the terminology doesn’t matter…

There are proven principles of attraction to be applied in practical ways, to remove the obstacle to wealth .

If you remove this one obstacle, money can flow to you as you’ve never before experienced. If you get this big rock out of your door, waiting wealth can walk in.

Fortunately, attracting customers depends more on these principles and the methods you use to attract them, then on how hard you work at it. This isn’t about HARD work.

A better method equals more money; much better methods equals much more money. And, by the way, don’t confuse principles and methodology of attraction with tools and media.

You’re undoubtedly up to your neck in people teaching you how to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and Google, Google Adwords, Google Spaces for local businesses, web sites with online video, automated webinars, mobile marketing through smart phones and every other digital doohickey, and you do need to know how to use the tools…

…but these are tools .

Knowing how to drive nails with a hammer and fasten beams together with a welding torch is not very useful, may be a waste of time and could be dangerous without some architecture .

Random use of tools is one thing. Using them to implement proven, purposed methodology is another.

What’s needed for you to get rich is not just more knowledge about all these tools. It is a solution to the number one obstacle to their successful use: knowing how to attract customers. Knowing what attracts customers.

You will see that you do not need to master a big basket of new and different skills, or build or buy a large assortment of new tools, or even further expand the media you must attend to daily.

It is this simple: if you get this one thing right – attraction…of fascination, of traffic, of leads, of customers…. everything else is easily made right.

So, now let’s talk about this in the context of recession, or further back, The Great Depression . Get this:

A Larger % Of The Population Became

Millionaires During And Immediately AFTER The Great Depression Then Any Other Time In History !

…including the tech booms!

You see, famous fortunes were made then: those of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, the company: HP. And Colonial Sanders, now KFC.

But I want to tell you about one guy, named W. Clement Stone. He might be known to you for, late in his life, his association with the author of ‘Think And Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill, and the creating of ‘Success Magazine’.

I met Stone, when I worked on the Think And Grow Rich TV infomercial. I had studied him before then. And, as a bit of trivia, I’m pleased to say that I’ve been picked to contribute marketing content to the current Success Magazine this year.

Anyway, Stone became either a billionaire or very nearly a billionaire in the life insurance business; with a company he started in the midst of The Great Depression, by mobilizing an army of salesmen, available to him on straight commission because of the sky-high unemployment rate.

His opportunity was possible because of the legions of unemployed, hungry men of quality. He directed these armies into high rise office buildings, where they could time-efficiently make a lot of cold, walk-in calls in a single day starting on the top floor and working their way down.

He played a very primitive marketing game , yet a smart numbers game. There’s more to his methodology, but here is the big secret to how he turned this into enormous wealth in a hurry, in a terrible, terrible economy:

Stone Saw Opportunity When
“Everyone Else” Saw Impossibility!

Nobody thought anybody could sell life insurance to executives and business owners in that horrible economy, so nobody made any big effort to do so.

The horrible economy cleared his path. Somewhat similarly, Conrad Hilton virtually invented no-money-down real estate, buying up hotels with a promise to pay later, just taking over costs of operation.

Everybody knows Col. Sanders franchised his Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe, but what he really sold was a way for local restaurants to attract customers.

The big point is: they all ran into the fire .

In the 1970’s, the big recession going on when I started my businesses, Fred Smith started FedEx and Bill Gates started Microsoft.

At that time, people waited in lines all day to get gas, not to buy iPads, and the shipping of freight was actually in its own slump.

I started then in the advertising business when all the agencies in the area were laying off staff and even closing offices because spending on advertising was slumping.

Into the fire !

Here’s the truth: When a lot of other people are taking themselves out of the game, you have an easier time of attracting attention, interest, fascination and customers – if you understand and practically apply the principles of attraction.

When others, en-masse, succumb to fear, the rewards for courage skyrocket.

So now I’m going to give you the core of my entire Renegade Millionaire System – which I repeat to myself every morning before doing business of any kind,

And they are:

I will do the opposite of whatever the majority does. I will run toward the fire.

I will find breakthroughs outside the majority’s approach to any given business – not inside it.

I will stay relentlessly focused on THE obstacle to and THE source of all wealth: attraction of customers. And I’ll never forget that no matter what the name of the kind of business I’m in is or what others think the business is, it really is the business of attraction; of attracting and developing relationships with customers.

In this especially fertile time and place, if you will use my three key concepts to focus yourself on removing the one obstacle to wealth, and creating for yourself the one key to wealth, you can raise yourself up higher and faster than at any other time.

Why is that? Because most people are not only diluting their focus to many comparatively unimportant things as they always are, but they are actually taking themselves out of the game , and therefore out of your way, altogether.

They are letting the recession be their personal ‘great depression.’

No need to join them. You can join me when you take action today and become a:

Renegade Millionaire

Recession-Made Renegade Millionaire is a timely, up-dated, focused System designed to cause customers to come looking for you – rather than you having to chase and hunt and struggle to capture them.

With what I’ll show you, you’ll finally know exactly how to attract all the traffic to your online media you could ever want…all the response to offline media you need….all the customers needed for the wealth you want.

I’ll also reveal a prized, secret technique for converting traffic not just to paying buyers, but to adoring, lifelong fans who will happily buy each new thing you bring forward.

So here’s what you’ll get when you claim your copy of Recession Made Renegade Millionaire:

Component #1 : RenegadeMillionaire System

First off, there’s the cornerstone of this program, my “Renegade Millionaire System”

It’s based on my direct, personal, intimate experience with hundreds of first generation, from scratch, millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.

I’ve been working side by side with such people for 35 years and still am today.

I suppose the most dramatic of these started a company with one product and one media, and has grown it to producing over 1.5-BILLION dollars a year.

Many have created fortunes during the worst economies. It is from all this experience that I assembled this System.

To drain the experience out of my brain, a terrific peak performance consultant and good friend Lee Milteer meticulously reviewed every written and recorded work of mine, notes from consulting projects, interviews with clients…

…to then act as your proxy and spend three full days asking me probitive questions…

… and you’ll have total access to these personal interviews, and can listen to these audio recordings anywhere, anytime.

By the way, were you to buy 3 days of my time to get these same questions answered personally, you’d pay my day rate of $18,800 times 3: $56,400.00.

But, then, you’d have to know what questions to ask. I’ve never before sat still and subjected myself to such an intense, in-depth, no limits grilling, and I wouldn’t want to do it ever again.

Out of this, captured on 12 audio CDs, you’ll experience my most revealing work in years – all about how Renegade Millionaires find or create and exploit opportunities to attract wealth.

Supporting your application of everything revealed through these interviews, you get a 146-page Desk Reference Manual laying out the seventeen mega-strategies, the 28 core competencies of wealthy entrepreneurs and extraordinary marketers, and 24 Application Exercises, to be used with your business life, over 3 months, 8 per month, or 6 months, 4 per month as you choose.

The 90-Day Experiment is an hour a day, listening, and to apply these Exercises. At one Exercise per week, four per month, you WILL realize some very dramatic gains in just the first 3 months.

You also get a giant 396-page Archives Book. This is a collection of rare and unique resources and examples from my past. You’ll find treasure here, convertible to drive traffic and convert it to customers for life.

Component #2 – RenegadeMillionaire Time Management

Knowing what to do without having the bandwidth to make that happen is an all-too-common nightmare scenario for all-too-many business owners. Making and finding the time to getting things done is critical.

That’s why I’m including my “Renegade Millionaire Time Management” program.

It’s a radical, tough-minded, and intensely personal approach to how you can achieve ABSOLUTE control over your time, associates, clients, even the world around you… in order to achieve your own MAXIMUM personal productivity.

This is NOT rehashed information from the “Renegade Millionaire System” – the conversations I had with Lee Milteer on these three CDs provide a lengthy, blunt, unvarnished Masters-level dissertation on my personal strategies for time and productivity – as well as the exact techniques I teach my private clients and coaching clients.

This goes way beyond material in my books, the “Renegade Millionaire System,” and all other seminar recordings, lectures, DVDs, etc.

This is the stuff I USE!…

… and if you’ve got the guts to crack open my cranium you’ll get a unique opportunity to discover what makes those cogs and wheels go round in a way that’s relentlessly focused on maximum personal productivity… you’ll learn how I get so much done, how I lay down the law and rules over my time, and the exact terms of engagement I use in every working relationship.

Here’s what’s included: the Objections, excuses, and fears people have about insisting on absolute control; about imposing their will. I’ll explain with watchmakers’ precision how I organize my work, communications, and time all so I can get more done in an hour than most people get done all DAY! You’ll get specific strategies you can choose and use right NOW … yielding for you INSTANTANEOUS IMPROVEMENT in getting more done!

Bottom line: these are my most effective Time Management strategies – period. And you’ll get them too.

Component #3 – RenegadeMillionaire Marketing

The third piece of the puzzle in the Renegade ‘Recession-Made’ Millionaire Application System is my “ Renegade Millionaire Marketing ” program. This program is about nothing less than defining an entirely NEW and radically DIFFERENT and infinitely more POWERFUL approach to marketing.

It contains the only extended, in-depth, ADVANCED and “Nothing-Held-Back” conversation between BILL GLAZER and I about the Philosophies and Strategic ‘Secrets’ Unique to RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE MARKETING.

First off, full disclosure: This is NOT about tactics – you know, mechanical details, one kind of mailing versus another, top 10 fear factors to supersize your offers, that kind of thing.

Sure, some tactics work their way into this conversation … but that’s not what this is all about – this is a very frank, candid discussion about the very core of the ways that we – and other RENEGADE MILLIONAIRES — fundamentally, creatively, and determinedly GO AGAINST THE FLOW and RUN INTO THE FIRE.

You’ll discover how to recognize and BREAK FREE OF your ‘instinctive survival behaviors’ – which run counter to profitable creativity and real innovation….

You’ll PROFIT FROM new ways to analyze your market, your competition, the way things are being sold to your customers – the “behind the scenes” inside dish on how RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE Marketers tackle a target audience differently.

We’ll show you how to defy conventional business metrics and instead “Flip The Equation” – this is the real NEW MATH and it’s the most profound difference between the way Renegade Millionaires think of our businesses and the way 95% of business owners think about theirs!

“Renegade Marketing” includes 8 Studio Quality, crystal clear CDs capturing hours of real conversation perfect for any serious marketer ready and aching for this depth of thinking. If you have a “marketer’s soul”, you can’t hear these recordings without wishing that you’d have been a fly on the wall listening in.

Plus I’m tossing in 2 beefy Manuals… including a painstakingly assembled UNIQUE COLLECTION of examples, “swipe file” treasures, references, even correspondence…. a treasure trove of “precious gems” for your business. Plus you’ll get a transcript of the ENTIRE day-long conversation, personally edited and enhanced with detailed notes from yours truly.

All told, “Renegade Marketing” is an easy to use, accessible resource you’ll return to again and again, for inspiration, for every marketing project.

Get Dan Kennedy – Recession Made Renegade Millionaire now!

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