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Dan Kennedy - POWER POINTS

Dan Kennedy – POWER POINTS

Heres just a tiny sampling of the gems to be found in POWER POINTS:
Entrepreneurship & Business Success:

The paradigm shift in how you see yourself, that produces enormous, fast gains in sales and profits.

What is the secret of the entrepreneur who can take risks without worry?

What to do if everybody hates your idea?

The best piece of people management advice that everybody ignores.

THE Cardinal Rule of Delegation.

THE financial secret that pulls extraordinary profits from ordinary businesses.

Why increasing sales is rarely the right #1 priority.

The Three Rules Of Management that prevent panic, insure objectivity instead of emotional response, and foster calm peace of mind.

How the Mini-Conglomerate Strategy can conquer most entrepreneurs biggest, most frequent reoccurring, most distasteful problem.

How to look at customer retention.

What one ingredient should every product have, before you invest in marketing it?

How to create a Cash Flow Surge when you need it most.

What single, reoccurring decision has more to do with your long-term success in business than any other decision you’ll ever make and why do most entrepreneurs blow this one more often that not?

The power of parasite marketing: how to create marketing capital out of thin air.

What is the purpose of being in business? (Most entrepreneurs have this all screwed up!!!)

The power of overhead creep.

Why EGO is your worst enemy, and how to protect yourself.

The Five Rules Of Business that, followed, virtually guarantee ultimate wealth.


The only kind of question to ask when closing a sale.

How a simple misunderstanding costs most professional offices, service businesses and stores small fortunes year after year.

What you must know about offending people.

The one thing every prospect, customer or client wants so desperately that they will buy just about anything from anybody who can fulfill this primal need.

How to make price a non-issue every time! (2 simple techniques that take price out of the buying decision, even in price sensitive businesses filled with cheapest price competitors!)

In person-to-person selling or negotiating, the most important trick that melts resistance away.

The power of package selling.


What is more important than creative, copy, offer, target markets, etc. in making your advertising pay off?

How to (at least) double the readership of just about any ad.

THE most effective kind of direct-mail campaign.

How to use five Emotional Factors to make advertising sizzle.

What is THE one thing people are eager to buy, above all else?

The power of unfair comparison.

The two most frequently made mistakes in advertising.

Two magic words that boost the pulling power of most headlines.

The power of the right offer.

Two obstacles that even the very best copy, message and offer can never overcome.

Why should you advertise? (Believe it or not, most people don’t know, and waste a lot of money as a result.)

A tough, challenging, in-your-face question that will make all your advertising better.

A sure winner direct-mail campaign for just about any business.

The power of the hidden benefit: how to use this strategy to re-invest tired offers.

Five millionaires met on a Caribbean island, as a testament of the power of this one secret .

The power of risk reversal: how to create compelling guarantees.

The power of primacy and recency.

The sales letter trick most copywriters forget.

The Power Points Incredibly Detailed Index Makes All This Work For You As If I Was Sitting Right There, Waiting To Instantly Answer Any Question.

The INDEX is darned near magical. Putting together the Index was almost as herculean a project as was doing everything else.

This is a detailed, cross-cross-cross referenced, highly organized, easy to use Index, so you can get from question or topic to answers fast. Every Power Point is numbered, every page is numbered, and both sets of numbers are used in the Index.

You can go to the Index and instantly find all my Power Points for:

Sales letters



Order forms

Multi-step marketing campaigns

Promotional books

Lead generation

Using mailing lists

Recorded messages

Preparing for an important negotiation

Reacting to sudden adversity

Increasing a business cash flow

Cleverly re-inventing a business

Cheap, do-it-yourself market research

Adding sizzle to a speech

Etc., etc.

How big is POWER POINTS?
As big as my career experience.I have consulted in over 176 different businesses, industries and professions, with clients ranging in size from less than a million dollars a year in sales to over a billion dollars a year in sales, and everything in between. My clients successful results have made me a marketing legend.

I have built, bought, sold businesses. Created publishing and marketing businesses for $500.00 to $5,000.00 that have subsequently produced millions of dollars in sales.

I have had enormous and embarrassing failures.

I have private clients in continuing relationships as long as 10 years, customers and subscribers who’ve been with me as long as 15.

I have faced hundreds of business problems, thousands of marketing challenges, turned losing projects into winners, multiplied profits and incomes, invented truly new and innovative methods and strategies, even revolutionized a few entire industries.

Every ounce of all that experience, successful and unsuccessful, is condensed and included in POWER POINTS.

POWER POINTS is so gigantic it can’t even be put in one volume!

POWER POINTS will be delivered to you in three large volumes: the first volume, Advertising, Marketing & Sales; the second, Personal Achievement & Productivity; & the third, Entrepreneurship & Business Success.As an option, in addition to the Manuals, you can also get the entire POWER POINTS ENCYCLOPEDIA on a fully searchable CD-ROM. That means you can just pop that little doohickey in your computer, type in a couple of key words, and the CD-ROM instantly finds all the Power Points related to your key words. Or, you can just click on the subject category or individual Power Point(s) you’re interested in seeing.

POWER POINTS was initially offered ONLY to my private clients and Inner Circle Members. It was then set for publication at $599.00. But Michael Kimble has published it in a different binding, in higher volume, and created cost savings he’s decided to pass along to you. And (obviously) convinced me that this should be made available to all my customers — not just Inner Circle Members.

Right now, you can get the entire POWER POINTS SYSTEM for just $299.00. A huge 50% discount from its initial retail price of $599.00. Or, order now and get the System Manuals AND the new CD-ROM for just $399.00, still a big 33% savings.

You might put thousands of dollars in your pocket from just one use of POWER POINTS. Imagine what you might make by asking it a question everyday?

Wake Me Up In The Middle Of The Night
Go ahead: worry me endlessly with your questions. Poke me in the side and ask me questions all day long. Roll me over and ask me a question in the middle of the damned night. Like a circus sea lion who does a somersault every time a dead fish is waved over its head, I will leap to alertness, ready and eager to give you my very best ideas, advice and answers at a moment’s notice, any time, as often as you desire. That’s what owning POWER POINTS enables you to do.

This really is THE ultimate Dan Kennedy product; if youve benefited from any of my products, then you must have this product.

Get Dan Kennedy – POWER POINTS now!

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