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Power of Copy Unleashed 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Power of Copy Unleashed 2021

Dan Kennedy – Power of Copy Unleashed 2021



The Power of Copy Unleashed


GKIC’s Proprietary Step By Step Copywriting Formula That’ll Allow To Craft An Offer Your Customers, Clients Or Patients Will Be Powerless To Resist.


We’re going to reveal a secret some copywriters don’t want you to know and it’s this: you can write better copy for your product or service than most mid-to high-level copywriters.

You see, you’re much closer to your business than any copywriter could ever get. You know all your market’s hot buttons and you’re passionate about your product/service.

But, chance are, you don’t have a proven formula for writing copy that’s been used over and over again by most ‘A-List’ copywriters, including those who work for GKIC.

Well, you’re in luck. GKIC has a formula for writing copy that eliminates a lot of the “guesswork” you have to go through, and can easily be tailored for your own market and offers.

If you’ve never written copy before, this could be an excellent introduction to writing a sales letter that could shortcut your learning curve.

If you write copy for your business but find yourself “stuck” or lack confidence in your copywriting ability, then this message will show you how you can save tons of time and boost your chances of writing a winner.

And if you are a copywriter, you can use this template as a simple “checklist” to make sure you have included every value-builder strategy, every price objection technique, and every headline tip you might have otherwise missed if you didn’t have this resource to guide you.

But here’s the best part: once you use this template for your first sales piece, you can easily “recycle” the sales points for emails, video scripts, postcards, etc.

So not only will this template help you write your first sales piece, but it will help you get the sales points you need in any selling situation-either through media like postcards and direct mail or even face-to-face selling.

The Power Of Copy consists of 2 DVDs, 2 CDs and a manual. It may take you 2-3 hours to go through but it could give you a HUGE unfair advantage when it comes to dominating your marketplace.

It will give you the ability to easily perform one of the hardest things to do for most business people: convince a prospect to buy or take an action just with the power of your words. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover that could shave hours off your writing time and boost your chances of writing a winner:

The simple 3-step process for starting your sales letter so you don’t have to throw up your hands in frustration figuring out what to do next. If you’ve ever stared at the blinking cursor on your Word document wondering what to write next, then this is a godsend…

How to tap into what REALLY makes people buy your product or service. Most small business owners make the mistake of guessing at what their prospects want and need and don’t ascertain what will REALLY make them buy…

The secret to getting that first draft done that’ll save you tons of time and frustration. Most copywriters and small business owners really mess this up… and this could result in sub-standard copy that’ll make your customers throw that letter in the trash!

The 1 super-simple step to take as soon as the copy is written. This takes only 5-10 minutes but could mean the difference between “C+” level copy and “A” level copy.

The simple 7-step formula for creating an offer that’ll make your target audience salivate over your product/service. It doesn’t matter if the copy was written by Dan Kennedy-if prospects don’t want what you’re selling, you’re not going to get any sales!

The 1 simple tweak you can make with any product and service that could boost your profits. We do this with every launch here at GKIC and you can easily employ this strategy too.

Our simple 5-step “golden” checklist regarding bonuses. Violate these golden “rules” and your offer is going to fall flat and your bonuses are just going to take up space in your sales letter or ad.

How to build up tension in your prospect so they cannot help but whip out their wallet and BUY. This is what separates the A-players from the “wanna-be’s”.

The secret to framing price so the prospect will see that the price is a bargainâ?¦even if the product is thousands of dollars.

The one simple addition you can make to your price and offer that could bolster your profits. We do this at GKIC and it’s just a simple tweak you can make to your existing copy and order forms. That’s it.

23 proven templates you can use to get started writing bullet points for your product or service. Bullet points create magic in your sales pieces and you’ll just copy and paste, add the specifics for your product, and you’ll be all set!

Dave Dee’s ‘Top 10 Rules’ for writing headlines. Follow these rules and you’ll be able to write headlines that’ll grab your prospect by the lapels and FORCE them to read your ad.

The easiest way to bring up objections in your copy that doesn’t require deep psychological stuff. Just do this simple step and you can “flip” more prospects to buying from you.

The key to getting better at writing copy so you can do it at a higher level than most experienced copywriters. It is possible if you follow this one little “trick” all A-Level copywriters perform.

Fair warning: do not disqualify yourself from purchasing The Power of Copy because you’re in a certain business or industry.

All businesses rely on the power of words to get people to visit a website or storefront and to make a purchase.


What You’ll Learn?

You can use this course as the basis for other pieces for your marketing arsenal; including postcards, video scripts, emails… you name it. The Power Of Copy Unleashed will reveal a proven formula where you can simply “hang your words” and crank out a sales letter in no time. Best part? This works even if you struggle with writing copy and suffer from “writer’s block.”

Who Is It For?

The Power of Copy Unleashed is for beginning copywriters who are looking for a proven framework for writing copy. It is also for business owners to find themselves “stuck” when writing copy, or aren?t sure where to start. The Power of Copy is also for business owners who hire copywriters, but are looking for a “shortcut” that’ll empower them to create their own copy without outside help.

What You Get

In The Power of Copy Unleashed, Dave Dee will reveal how to create an offer your customers, clients and patients are powerless to resist. Plus you’ll be able to quickly refer back to Dave’s most important points with one manual-containing a full transcription and report of marketing headline materials. Course Includes: Dave Dee’s presentation on 1 DVD, 1 audio CD, 39-page Transcription manual, 4-page report of Marketing Headlines


1 DVDs, 1 audio CD, Transcription Manual



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  • Transcript Manual