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Platinum Meeting Volume 2


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$250,000 Platinum Meeting Volume 2

“Oh Momma – get the smelling salts. The shock of what you will hear on these audio-CD’s will probably send you right into a dead faint.”

Here are just a few of the ideas, secrets, confessions and insider tips that arose during their fast-paced, spontaneous discussions recorded on these CD’s:

  • The “demand” of business owners and consumers of information products that the Platinum Members have adjusted their products, services and marketing to meet a trend that has far-reaching impact, that every marketer MUST understand and act on.
  • What Platinum Members have discovered that few others know…a true insider secret strategy for the value, increasing the frequency repeat business from customers in any business. John Alanis and Dan Kennedy explain this brilliantly.
  • The sales tool and method that is used by all Platinum Members in their info-businesses that has now “gone mainstream,” and that every business owner and marketer needs to use. (Listen in as Ron LeGrand realizes there’s yet another opportunity here for him!…and Chauncey Hutter Jr. asks for the famous SFB hat, and exclaims “Why haven’t I taken this down to my regular tax offices, for customers?!”) Then you get challenged with a moneymaking question for your own business.
  • Hear every Platinum Member tackle this question: “If you get to keep your know-how, but all your financial resources are gone, and you get just $10,000.00 to start all over again, what will you do?”
  • How to use “who we are” instead of “what we sell” to more successfully attract ideal customers.
  • Corey Rudl, Yanik Silver and Dan Kennedy talk about: how to research target markets, online and offline.
  • All the Platinum Members discuss: how to put an Iron Cage around YOUR customers!
  • Every Platinum Member chimes into a lively discussion about “getting things done.” They are all super-productive, get more done and make more money in a day than most executives and entrepreneurs make in a whole month. Listen as they describe their time management and productivity methods, argue and agree on other methods.
  • Why do most people only get about 1/3 to 1/2 the results they could get from their direct-mail? Ron LeGrand and I tell you exactly what to do to multiply results.
  • How He Did A Million Dollars In Just One Day! — Yanik Silver reveals “the Carole King marketing strategy,“ that you can use to set up the largest, fastest sales surge of your life!
  • On the last CD: “What’s the one thing you can share, that’s so good, so powerful, so important that if we tell you, we might have to kill you?…”
  • The #1 pricing mistake, discussed by Rory Fatt and me. (Hear this and never make this mistake again.)
  • An online marketing secret from Craig Brockie: if you have a web site, here’s how to INSTANTLY boost online sales.