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Platinum Meeting Vol 2


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Dan Kennedy - $252,000 Platinum Meeting Vol 2

Dan Kennedy – $252,000 Platinum Meeting Vol 2

If you dare, you can sneak past the closed, bolted doors, into a one day brainstorming session with Dan Kennedy’s PLATINUM Insider’s Circle (2005 Group), and eavesdrop on “lightning rounds” of their best, most prized, most secretive strategies, experiences, ideas…their disagreements and differences of opinion…their answers to Big Moneymaking Questions… and more…

– Maximize Profit From Your Business

– Learn Secrets That Lead to Dramatic, Rapid and Huge Increases in Income

– Gain Extreme Competitive Advantage

Platinum Members BEST, Most Prized Ideas, Sales Tools, and Methods

Gain a truly unfair competitive advantage as Platinum Members discuss everything from the trend that has far-reaching impact that EVERY Marketer MUST act on, to the sales tool ALL Platinum Members use & recommend, to what they would do if they got to keep their know-how but lost all their financial resources and much more.

A True Insider’s Secret Strategy

Find out what Platinum Members have discovered that few others know—a strategy brilliantly explained by John Alanis and Dan Kennedy that shows how to increase the frequency of repeat business from customers in ANY business.

Platinum Member Super-Productivity Methods

Get more done & make more money as every platinum member describes their time management & productivity methods for how they get more done in a day than most executives get done in a month.

The “Carole King Marketing Strategy”

Set up the largest, fastest sales surge of your life using the “Carole King Strategy” Yanik Silver reveals that made him a Million Dollars in just ONE Day!

More Money-Making Ideas

Get the discovery that took T.J. Rohleder over the $5 Million mark, online marketing secrets that instantly boost online sales, tips to qualify, pre-screen and pre-sell, the trick to creating “continuity income” and much, much more.