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Outrageous Advertising Workshop & Swipe File 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Outrageous Advertising Workshop & Swipe File 2021

Dan Kennedy – Outrageous Advertising Workshop & Swipe File 2021



Outrageous Advertising Workshop


Advanced Marketing: Bill Glazer’s proven formula and real life examples to snap consumers out of the media daze and notice you!


This course is an extension of Bill Glazers Best Selling Book. It is a presentation and easy to digest packaging of Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer’s lessons included in the 2009 Super Conference. The course is heavy with examples, and offers the quickest path to understand the ‘low hanging fruit’ that an effective ad can help someone grab. It is heavily implemented by beginning and intermediate level GKIC members seeking to change their strategy. The course teaches non-traditional methods and tactics to employ outrageous ads in your own business. You receive insight to finding and using powerful ‘take action’ verbiage, understanding content placement, the selection of images, and constructing offers that elicit the highest probability of response from the recipient. It illustrates how YOU can leverage things like guarantees, issue a buyer challenge, and involve charity contributions to move those ‘fence-sitters’ who are uncertain about investing with you and your offerings. In a deeper exploration, you are taught how and when to use them properly, and with whom to take the calculated risk of postage expense within your marketing spend… and whom you shouldn’t


What You’ll Learn?

  • How to set expectations of your customers right away and minimize refunds/buyers remorse.
  • Distill effective tactics from trade and consumer advertisements.
  • How to create emotional interest in products usually considered un-exiting.
  • Instructions for designing a vocabulary of relevance to accomplish more with less in your sales letter.
  • Integrating elements of character, celebrity, and personality into copy and what you can expect to hear from new-found customers.
  • Re-Setting your sales conversation around 2 very important facts about buyers.
  • Would you buy a $58,000 book – A lesson discussing the higher margins attainable with YOUR goods/services using carefully constructed value assertions.
  • The key ingredients that make up every effective sales letter.
  • The right kind of visual imagery to include, and where it should be in your ads.

Who Is It For?

This course is for any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to construct a better message that compels recipients to act. Those who want to create identity of their business to their audience will also obtain some components of persuasive messaging to create bonds with the audience. It is particularly pertinent for those whose offering may be seen as a “me too” among many in the market they sell into… or perhaps viewed as something common or commoditized. It also benefits those who have not yet fully taken advantage of or understood precisely the proven psychology of what happens when a message is opened. It s focus is also for business owners who want to take a different angle to and re-position their offering; with large scale examples that can be leveraged in your day to day marketing. For those creating their first Glazer Kennedy style ads, it explains and explores what impact occurs after the first headline is scanned. Next, those who want to validate their offering are addressed when discussion centers around how you can eliminate/address consumer doubt reading testimonials. The anatomy of the ultimate sales letter is laid out for the student who is new to creating their own copy. There is strong relevance to those who seekstorytelling to personalize their content. This element is woven into the most powerful messages, and Bill makes a careful explanation of the process of creating YOUR own story are provided for those looking to add this dimension to their communications. Small business owners who choose the same forums for their marketing message will benefit from learning about “Ugly Betty” methods to move beyond the standard marketplace—and differentiate themselves while squeezing out the maximum value for their advertising investment.

What You Get

  • This course includes the 4.5 hour Dan Kennedy / Bill Glazer Course on both:
    • 4-DVDs for those that prefer the video version
    • 3 CDs for those that prefer listening to the event in audio
    • 1 bonus CD with extra material not following strict outline
  • 96-page Course Transcription manual
  • 148-page workbook/vocabulary manual containing all samples shown in class


This course contains over 5 1/2 hours of proven content used by ALL types of business with great results.


Advanced Marketing

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