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Modern Traffic School 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Modern Traffic School 2021

Dan Kennedy – Modern Traffic School 2021



Modern Traffic School


You can have the perfect sales funnel and sales copy that gets your ideal customer to yank out their wallet and buy. But if you’re not getting traffic to your website or storefront, then all that effort building the perfect sales funnel, lead generation magnet, and writing copy will be all for naught. Modern Traffic School will show you what’s working now to get traffic to your website or storefront thanks to 6 experts who know how to summon a surge of traffic almost overnight. So now’s the time to let your competitors worry about where they’re going to get traffic and generate leads while you’re sitting pretty. Invest in Modern Traffic School today.


If you struggle with getting traffic to your website and storefront, then you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners consider traffic to be the “Holy Grail” of business because nothing happens unless they can attract their ideal prospects.

In other words, if you don’t generate targeted visitors to your website or storefront, you won’t make any sales.

We want to show you 6 ways you can attract traffic to your website or storefront like moths to a flame. That way…

  • Traffic will no longer be a limiting factor in your business and the ability to get more customers, clients or patients. All you have to do is “flick a switch” and traffic will come to your website or storefront in a heartbeat. In fact, some traffic strategies we’re going to revel will allow you to summon traffic to your site in as little as 10 minutes.
  • You can focus on other areas of your business since the “traffic” part is covered. You can focus on generating new products, tweaking copy, customer retention, etc. etc. that will allow you to rake in more profits. Imagine possible doubling…even TRIPLING your income in the next year? It is possible once you know how to drive traffic on a whim.
  • You can get an “unfair advantage” over your competitors. Most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t actively drive traffic to their website or storefront—they rely only on “random spurts of traffic” to drive leads to their business and generate sales. This course will give you the power that you competitors will NEVER know that’ll give you a stronger foothold in your marketplace.

Modern Traffic School will arm you with underground tactics to generating traffic and leads…both offline and online. You’ll get 6 1-hour audios, a transcript and an ACTION CHECKLIST of exactly what you need to do so you can effortlessly start generating leads almost overnight.

You’ll discover:

  • “How To Generate Leads Through Podcasting” with Pat Flynn. Pat is “the man” when it comes to podcasting thanks to his Smart Passive Income podcast, which was awarded a place in the 15 top business podcasts by the Academy of Podcasters as well as the top international podcast at New Media Europe. He’ll show you how to follow in his footsteps and create your own powerful podcast in your niche.
  • “How To Generate Leads Through YouTube Marketing” with Mike Stewart. Mike will show you how to harness this overlooked source of traffic—including a case study of a GKIC member who gets 2 million unique visitors a year to his website thanks to YouTube. Just getting 1% of these results would make investing and watching this session worthwhile!
  • “How To Use Content Marketing To Generate Leads” with Jermaine Griggs – Jermaine is a content marketing strategist who runs a 7-figure business teaching aspiring musicians how to play piano by ear. You’ll learn how to create, repurpose, position, and organize content to attract new qualified leads, build rapport, and ultimately your customer base.
  • “Using Affiliates And Joint Ventures To Generate Leads” with Jeff Johnson. Jeff is an Internet marketing wizard who knows how to siphon leads through affiliates and joint ventures. Joint venture and affiliate traffic is among the BEST traffic you can get – since these prospects are “warm”. Plus you can get other people to send you traffic for FREE!
  • “Generating Customers On Demand Through Facebook” with Kim Walsh Philips. Kim is a master of using Facebook to not just get “likes”…but to get actual ROI. She runs all the Facebook lead generation campaigns for GKIC. She’ll reveal how to turn Facebook into a revenue generation tool by using the network to generate customers on demand using the MMOMM system (because after all, mom knows best).
  • “Insider Secrets To Lists And List Management” with Craig Simpson will show you how to get started in direct mail…which is a 100+ year old PROVEN way you can start getting traffic ASAP. This probative session will reveal “insider” secrets to getting a list and getting your mail read…all from a guy who has mailed over 200 million sales pieces and sold over $100 million in products and services with direct mail.

So take action today and invest in Modern Traffic School. And get ready for more qualified customers, clients and patients than you can handle.


What You’ll Learn?

Be a virtual ‘Fly On The Wall’ As 6 Traffic Masters Spill Their Secrets And Reveal Specific, Actionable Examples That’ll Allow You To Siphon Hoards Of Traffic To Your Website Or Storefront Copy.

Who Is It For?

Modern Traffic School is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced small business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with getting traffic and generating leads and are looking for proven methods for generating a surge of qualified customers, clients and patients at will.

What You Get

6 Modules including CDs, Transcripts and checklists


6 CDs all the other module components


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  • 6 Modules including CDs, Transcripts and checklists