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Interview on Creative Thinking


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Dan Kennedy - Interview on Creative Thinking

Dan Kennedy – Interview on Creative Thinking


Dan S. Kennedy reveals his hidden source of ideas, concepts and what’s working along with how to summon your creative muse on command so you can unleash massive creative leaps (and profits) whenever you want, no matter what industry you’re in.

Dan’s Personal Creative Thinking Checklist Desk Reference with Ninety Brainstarters

Quickly get your creative mind in gear using Dan’s 18 strategies for “manipulating” products, services, titles, offers, product “bundles”, ad and sales letter themes so you can keep a “fresh look” on tried and true winners.

Forty-three Different Kinds of Thinking from Dan’s Private Strategy Vault

Produce new solutions to nagging problems that just won’t go away and speed creation of ads, sales letters, web sites or other marketing materials using Dan’s private strategies. Including 43 DIFFERENT kinds of thinking.

Six Creative Business Life Questions

Avoid costly mistakes and learn how to develop a set procedure for quickly but comprehensively responding to problems and opportunities, prosper in business through “creative theft”, use “King Kong Thinking” to dominate your market & much more by answering the questions Dan uses to push himself and his clients to adjust their deployment of their resources, time & talents constantly.

Entire Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs’ Workshop

Eavesdrop on the entire day as Dan takes you through the variety of creative thinking options and the effective uses of them that lead to BIG business breakthroughs. This includes 3 Audio CD’s complete with Q & A Session.

Verbatim Transcription Manual and Follow Along Workbook

Access this treasure-trove of idea-starters in a complete transcription and follow-along workbook that you’ll want to refer to again and again.

Bill Glazer’s “Big Experiment” Bonus CD

Revolutionize your business using this adaptable strategy explained in detail by Bill Glazer of how he took one of Dan’s suggestions, did his homework, implemented it quickly, and added new “something from nothing” profits in less than two months’ time.