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Info Riches And Advanced Direct Marketing


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Dan Kennedy - Info Riches And Advanced Direct Marketing

Dan Kennedy – Info Riches And Advanced Direct Marketing

Product Description

*** For the first time, and for one time only, I put on an intense 3-day-and-nights seminar where I taught absolutely everything I know about turning info-products into fortunes. Over 250 attended, coming from as far away as Japan and Australia. Each paid at least $3,475.00 to attend. This seminar will never repeat. If you missed it, you missed a rarest-of-rare opportunity to hear from somebody who has really made a fortune and guided many others in doing the same, in the fascinating field of ‘information products’. ***

As you would guess, the reason for this letter, now, is that we did record the entire 34-hour (!!!) seminar, then carefully edited and condensed those recordings into two “Highlights Packages” , one audio, one video, and have made it possible for you to “attend” at home .

In this letter, I’m going to tell you all about this unprecedented program, exactly what I revealed, and do everything I can to help you make a wise decision, whether or not you should make the rather substantial investment of time and money required to “attend”, via the tapes.

This requires a long letter . I know you’re busy, maybe not blessed with patience. But I am serious when I say that no other letter I have ever written has as much potential to dramatically change your life for the better as this one. So I hope you’ll take the time to read it thoroughly. And I must urge you to do so immediately – it includes a very limited HALF-PRICE offer you may not want to miss.

The Mythical Alchemist Lives…

Maybe you read fables as a kid about medieval alchemists, who claimed the power to turn everything from cloth to dirt into gold, to take nominally valuable raw material and — presto! — turn it into enormously valuable gold.

The ability to repeatedly and consistently turn paper and ink or blank files or similar conveyances of information into “gold” is modern alchemy. The ability to take one to several pages of sales copy in an ad or sales letter selling information and turn it into hundreds of thousands of dollars is modern alchemy. Wealth from thin air. I seriously question whether there is any other “alchemist” alive on this planet who has demonstrated possessing this power as many times in as many different situations as I have.

That’s why even already very accomplished, very successful, very rich info-marketers still seek out my assistance with their projects. And pay gigantic, arguably obscene sums of money for my input.

…Studying Dan’s material has been largely responsible for millions in sales of my products on the Internet.

Personally, studying Dan’s material has been largely responsible for millions in sales of my products on the Internet. That’s not an exaggeration. And if I had to name my #1 Go-to guy for advice – he’s at the very top of the list. In fact, I still regularly pay him over $25,000+ a year for his advice, resources and consultation. Yes, Dan hates his computer and loathes the Internet but when he talks about online marketing – I drop everything and pay attention.”

Yanik Silver,

Should you require evidence of my status as a true, living, breathing alchemist Click here to find a sampling of info-marketer clients, by name, descriptions of their businesses, and details of my contributions to their wealth . And, you’ll find some comments from such clients.

If you take time to review this information, I believe you will find an overwhelming preponderance of proof, compelling reasons for you to obtain what I know about this for your use, for the rest of your life.

… I owe a lot of my own success to Dan Kennedy ….

I want to thank you for making the A-Z INFO RICHES Seminar available for everyone to profit from – seriously. Information marketing has created more millionaires and financial freedom for more ordinary people than any business in the world, and now anyone can learn this business direct from the undisputed MASTER Dan Kennedy. I owe a lot of my own success to Dan Kennedy and I’m excited in sharing this with everyone too!
Ewen Chia The “Super Affiliates’Super Affiliate”


If I don’t make at least a $1,000.00 a day from my information products, almost all of it arriving through my mail, my Websites, the fax machine, I’m very, very grumpy. And I do make that – and more – nearly every day, whether I do any work or not. Last year, my wife, Carla and I took a 7 day Alaska cruise, several other vacations, I took over 70 days off to “fool” around with our racehorses, Carla visited our daughter and new grandson in Washington, D.C. almost every other week for a few months – and the money kept streaming in. The point is – this type of business offers not only the income, but the freedom to live as you please.

And I have dozens and dozens of clients who’ve “modeled” me, and created millionaire lifestyles of their own as “info-marketers.”WHY NOT YOU?

Imagine ….. joining me and many of my clients, “students”, and Platinum Members in an ideal “business lifestyle”… owning info-products that once birthed, for as little as a few hundred dollars of investment and a week of work, deliver income year after year after year……orders arriving via the Internet, mail, a phone service, orders being shipped for you, and huge profits flowing into your bank account every day whether you even drop by your office or not, or on a cruise, a beach, in a mountain cabin ……having other info-entrepreneurs engaged in joint ventures with you, doing all the “heavy lifting”, selling your info-products to their customers, and sending you big checks……

And note, I’m talking about YOUR OWN PROPRIETARY PRODUCTS that you create, own and control – and I promise, even if you can’t write a grocery list or are “all thumbs” at the computer, you CAN quickly develop very valuable info-products of your own.

With my life’s blueprint – and my client’s examples – to follow, you CAN develop your own “perfect business” .…. Few or NO employees, NO office overhead, most “work” done FOR you by outside vendors, sales done AUTOMATICALLY, little or no personal contact with customers, multiple streams of income from your products – from your own advertising, mailings, Internet marketing AND from distribution by many others..… every time the FAX beeps, money for you! The day’s mail, money for you!

Why wouldn’t you want to live such a profitable business lifestyle to the greatest extent possible?

So, let me tell you about this “home study package” based on my once-in-a-lifetime, tell-it-ALL seminar you missed, entirely, exclusively and totally devoted to the a-to-z’s of making money with direct marketing and in the information business:


I taught virtually the entire seminar. From 8:30AM right through to 9:30PM the first two days, 8:30AM – 3:30PM the 3rd, as close to non-stop as humanly possible. There were NO guest speakers, only a few quick “panel discussions.”

By the way, the longest presentation about info-marketing I’ve ever given at anybody else’s seminar or conference has been two hours. Imagine what I can do with over 30 “classroom” hours!


*I’m less than 500 days away from real “semi-retirement”, as I write this letter – cutting way, way back on speaking, teaching, consulting. Divesting my businesses.

Savvy Marketers from all over the world traveled to hear Dan reveal his secrets for making a bundle in the information publishing and direct marketing business. Even long time pros, some multi-millionaires, couldn’t believe all the “pearls of wisdom” Dan shared.

I poured my heart and soul into this specialized seminar, which was offered only to my Inner Circle Members, because the information business has enabled me to create such independence and security, I really wanted my Members intrigued with this kind of business to have exactly the same opportunity. Originally, it was my intent to make the seminar itself AND the highlights packages available only to my own Members, each as only a one-time offer. But Michael Kimble has convinced me to “open the doors” via the recordings to any of his customers who have a strong, serious interest in this particular type of business – his words: “it would be a crime to keep it from them and retire with it locked away in your closet ….. it’s almost like taking some powerful secret people could use to improve their lives with you into the grave.”

So I thought it over, and I have decided I want you to have this, too…

I am holding nothing back. Nothing. Every iota of experience, successful AND unsuccessful, and knowledge I have acquired in 25+ years of “info-alchemy” will be laid bare before you.

To prepare, I’ve started the arduous (yet stimulating) task of going back through archival files dating back to 1975; literally a room full, floor to ceiling, wall to wall, of ads, sales letters, products, client files, my own project files; investing months of hard work, organizing everything I want to give you, making sure I leave nothing out, no stone unturned. A sampling of the information I gave out at this seminar — and kept in the edited pages — is listed on this page, but it does not even come close to doing justice to everything revealed.

If you want to shortcut your learning curve and begin living a dream lifestyle, do whatever you can to get your hands on this course. . .

Five years ago I quit my customer service job and began marketing information products online. It was a scary leap, but the one thing that made me confident I would succeed was the teachings of Dan Kennedy. No one has launched more successful information publishing empires than Dan Kennedy. I simply followed the footprints he laid out and my life has never been the same. I get up when I want to, I work as much or as little as I want to and the income still comes in pretty much on auto-pilot. The freedom to do what you want, when you want is absolutely incredible. Once you get a taste of it, you’ll never want to do the 9-5 routine again.If you want to shortcut your learning curve and begin living a dream lifestyle, do whatever you can to get your hands on this course. You won’t regret it.
James Scott – Longwood,

… Dan’s seminar saved me from a lot of frustration, wasting a lot of money – and most important – wasting a lot of time.

“There’s a lot of opportunity in the information-products business, but finding the path to success can be like wandering into the forest in ‘The Blair Witch Project.’ Dan’s seminar saved me from a lot of frustration, wasting a lot of money – and most important – wasting a lot of time. In my market, I could never have afforded to waste the time it would have taken me to learn everything that was covered in just three days.”
George Columbo, Winter Springs, FL
Author,, Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting

The most important piece of advice Dan Kennedy ever gave me was…

…that you can have the greatest business, product or service in the world but if no one knows about it it will fail. In other words, people will not beat a path to your door if you have a better mouse trap. He taught me that I am not in the ‘information product’ business I am in the business of “marketing” information products. That is not a symantic distinction, it’s a distinction you have to make if you’re going to stay in business and make it profitable. And if I didn’t wake up to that fact, I’d be doomed to a life of failure. Thank God and Dan I did see it and took it to heart. Thanks Dan.

David Vallieries,


No, I will NEVER present this seminar again. People who were there got my entire “bag of tricks”, and no one else ever will. The next best thing is this Highlights Package – and it, too, is going to be released ONLY ON A LIMITED BASIS. I have authorized Michael to sell only 500 of them, period. Why the limit? Well, I just prefer the idea that we are sharing secrets.…. at least information known to and used by a select few, and I’m able to afford and indulge all my eccentricities. You’ll even find a Non-Disclosure Clause on the Registration Form. You must agree to it, to obtain this package.

If you procrastinate, you may very well have your order refused – and find everything “sold out.” Reserve Now!

We Will Dissect The Frog And Leave
No Body Part Whole

We looked at every single aspect of making money with info-products in minute detail. From market selection to media and list choices to product development to the back-end business and multiple income streams. To every question you can imagine bringing to the table. (With one exception: database management, technical computer stuff.)

Think about “ product development ” just for example. Heck, anybody can slap together product. But there are dozens and dozens of “little” nuances and tricks I’ve learned — or invented — that impact on everything from price and margin to refunds to up-selling. You need a complete strategy for putting out a product that will be “hot”, eagerly accepted, have staying power, provide maximum profits. There are several very smart questions that ought to be asked and answered before putting together any info-product, that rarely are. With what I can tell (and show) you about “product” alone will be worth your investment to acquire this system. You might double the profits from a product you were going to do anyway… might save a lot of cost or agony…..OR you might get a whole new product idea that’ll turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars .

Or “direct mail” — is there anybody around who has created as many successful sales letters for as many different info-products, year in, year out, for 25 years? I doubt it. And I will show you and hammer home just THREE “SECRETS” you must incorporate every time you go down this path, that provide iron-clad insurance against failure . While others admit to “batting averages” of one success out of dozens of attempts, I hit base hits virtually every time at bat, and giant home runs about 25% of the time. (That’s why, as a hired-gun copywriter, 80% of all clients who’ve used me once have come back and hired me repeatedly. BUT these three secrets do NOT require masterful copywriting to pay off for you.)

I’m also going to tell you what I’ve learned by carefully studying a number of legendary info-product marketers, some you’ll know, some you may not have heard of (but should have!)…….like Dean F. DuVall, Jim Straw, George Haylings, Alan Shawn Feinstein, Joe Karbo, Harvey Brody.

I’m even going to unveil brand new ideas for info-product marketing, that you’ll be the first to hear about and consider.

Jeff Paul, T.J. Rohleder, and Mal Emery during a break at Dan’s Info Riches Seminar

Barry Rutten, Ken McCarthy, John Alanis and Tom Hoobyar enjoying the Info Riches Seminar

Every square inch of the “frog” will be put under the microscope and examined from every direction, I promise you that. And the “best of all” is in this, my “Complete, A-Z Information Publishing & Advanced Direct Marketing Business System.”

Here, let me check off some of the most important “secrets” definitely included in this “Info-Publishing/Direct Marketing Business System”

Examples of “guerrilla warrior approaches” to launching or testing new info-businesses with cheapskate budgets – for example: how I launched my first info-products, in tiny target markets, with “free” lists. KNOWING WHAT I HAVE LEARNED OVER 20 YEARS, AT CONSIDERABLE EXPENSE, ABOUT CHOOSING A MARKET, SLICING ‘N DICING THAT MARKET, DISCOVERING ITS MOST BURNING, PASSIONATE DESIRES AND MATCHING INFO-PRODUCT OFFERS TO THOSE DESIRES IS TRULY A MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF KNOWLEDGE.Analytical examination of dozens and dozens of different successful info-products… classics, contemporary, brand new..…what makes them sell so well?…..what “ingredients” to build into your info-product to support the strongest possible sales pitch, to assure customer satisfaction, to provide greatest possible profitability.The exact, detailed criteria I and my clients use to ferret out and target ultra-responsive, rabid markets..…which I’ve never presented in entirety before.

Insights into “niches” and “subcultures”, so you can be a more adept “hunter” of prime target markets – fully supported with actual examples “hidden” from the casual observer

Most commonly made, costliest info-product development mistakes to avoid.

How to make product development easier, faster, cheaper.


Insider,pro strategies for finding, obtaining, testing and using mailing lists.

How to buy media like an experienced pro – and not be taken advantage of.

Media choices offering low-cost/high-yield: Broadcast FAX, postcards, oversize postcards, package inserts, ride-alongs.

How to exploit many different “distribution opportunities” for your info-products requiring NO AD OR MARKETING DOLLARS OF YOUR OWN, and tapping into others’ carefully guarded customers.

An exhaustive, in-depth look at Joint Ventures, arguably the highest-profit way to multiply your wealth based on a “solid”info-product. EXACTLY HOW TO PUT TOGETHER A MULTI-FACETED MARKETING MACHINE THAT WILL SERVE YOU WELL DAY IN, DAY OUT, POTENTIALLY FOR YEARS AND YEARS TO COME.

Hundreds of “little tricks” that pay off big – like the phone number “gimmick” that boosts response to almost any ad or broadcast-FAX by 30% to 40%. Like: what to add to an order form to boost net profits by 25% or more.

How to take a once effective but dying ad and give it new life, with one simple change.

Hundreds of “little nuances” shown to you in ads, letters, FAXes, etc. both for selling to new customers and to established customers….. A LIFETIME OF MY MOST EFFECTIVE WORK, INCLUDING EXAMPLES THAT I HAVE NEVER BEFORE SHOWN IN SEMINARS OR PUBLISHED ELSEWHERE.

In total, you get a truly COMPLETE “PICTURE” of an info-business, from the very first ad to acquire the very first customer all the way to a mature business with 2/3rds to 3/4ths of its income derived from the “back end”, with continuity and renewable income, periodic BIG paydays, a complex matrix of profit centers and income streams…..a business engineered for near 100% auto-pilot operation, for the ideal lifestyle…..a business generating both current, high income and long-term equity, value and wealth.

I believe you will be INSPIRED by this “picture”… will PROFIT from this comprehensive inside-look, more detailed understanding….. you will be fully equipped to launch OR to “super-charge” your own info-business.

Examples, Examples, Examples

…And More Examples!From 43 or 44 hours of classroom time and hundreds and hundreds of examples shown and discussed, I’ve hand-picked THE most useful and valuable minutes, THE most valuable models, cut out all the “chaff”, and built a HIGHLIGHTS PROGRAM that compresses, condenses and efficiently presents my entire, systemized, step-by-step approach to developing a hugely profitable “info empire.”From my archives: THE very first ads I ever wrote and ran, for my first info-products, and for my first clients.….one of my earliest sales letters for info-products and the amazing “secret” it contains….. Examine some of my longest-running, most profitable ads, including “An Open Letter From A Once-Flat-Broke Nebraska Housewife”…..Joe Polish’s lead generation ads.….

Unique, unusual envelope designs that get opened.…. Order Forms designed with “rocket science” thoroughness and precision to maximize response.

Powerful, high-performing sales letters, including the current Nightingale-Conant “control” for my MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEM. Examples from clients and attendees at this seminar…..those selling to business niches, hobbyists, “unusual”, offbeat markets..…my “Why Would A Wealthy Man…?” letter that made millions for a client. Little “lift notes” and “Post-it Notes” that give big boosts to response.

Join me in dissecting and analyzing “million dollar sales letters”…..letters I’ve been paid $25,000.00 to $100,000.00 to write, letters that have literally created million dollar successes from scratch.

You even get examples of “raw copy” as I delivered to clients, before it was ultimately turned into successful direct-mail campaigns, so you see the “evolutionary process” from the very beginning – for example, one renewal campaign that converted 2/3rds of a client’s customers from “low price” to “high price.”

Original lead-generation ads that launched million dollar info-businesses – actual ads from over a dozen different individuals shown and discussed. Examples of “winner” and “loser” ads for the same product, why one worked, the other didn’t.

And in addition to my “lifetime of know-how”, you’ll hear me quiz people like Ken McCarthy, the only person I trust re. Making money via the Internet..…Joe Sabah, who has sold an unbelievable number of books “in his bathrobe” via talk radio..…Jeff Paul, the “$4,000.00 A Day” man…..and a handful of other information giants.

To Be Fair, This Particular Package Definitely Is NOT For Everybody

It is IDEAL FOR YOU if you are already in the info-products business in one way or another, or you’re a very serious student of direct marketing.

If that’s the case, I can promise, I can guarantee the certainty of “plus-ing” your profits…..of strategies and opportunities you’ll take immediate action on. If you are already spending money producing, advertising and marketing info-products, it’s an absolute “lock”you’ll increase your profits far, far, far in excess of your investment. Unless, of course, you think you know it all or are simply mule-stubborn about the way you do things. But given that you are eager for ways to make more money (without doing more work), let me say this: in the past 10 years, I have not consulted with a single person or company in this field and failed to provide that client with income-boosting strategies. Not one.

If you are “green” but very, very serious about getting into this field, then this is a golden opportunity to get the benefit of my 25+ years of experience in condensed form, an unbeatable “shortcut” value.

After all, I have launched many people in the info-business from ground zero, almost all of whom have on-going, lucrative businesses; many of whom are making in excess of a million dollars a year, net.

One way or another, if you are really ready to develop a COMPLETE, hugely profitable information business 100% your own, then you are the correct “match” with THIS Package.

…if Dan required my first born child in exchange for the information he has given, I’d pay to have a reversal of my tubal ligation…

“ I’ve been a Marketing Director for nearly ten years. I know quite a bit. My promotions pulled results – bosses and clients loved me. I was NOT aware of how much I didn’t know. That bell rang for me around 8:07 AM Thursday and it has kept on ringing!… I cannot recommend this Program strongly enough.Do whatever you have to do to hear this man, and be prepared to have your old, staid ideas flushed from your brain …

I’ve just spent an hour, long-distance, hotel rates and all, to tell my husband about my plans. After listening carefully, asking a few questions, just hearing the tip of the tip of the iceberg of information I’ve gotten in the last 24 hours, he got it! He’s even got another 4 or 5 distinctive niche-specialized products in mind for us to do together. He referred to Dan as the Charles Manson of Direct-Response. Well, let me tell

Get Dan Kennedy – Info Riches And Advanced Direct Marketing now!

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