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How to Create Personality in Copy 2021


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Dan Kennedy - How to Create Personality in Copy 2021

Dan Kennedy – How to Create Personality in Copy 2021



How to Create Personality in Copy


Copywriting: Create rapid, responsive fans who become customers-for-life through strategically incorporating personality into your copy


Business is about relationships and a key business goal is to create and keep customers for life. Just providing your customers with education and information is not enough. To keep them they must see you as an interesting person and they must want to hear the next installment of your story. Personality in Copy is a class taught by Dan Kennedy that teaches you how to develop a fascinating and unique “character” in order to be famous within your niche or select audience.

  • In this class Dan teaches you how to:
  • Keep your customers involved, active and responsive to your communication – both mail and e-mail
  • Use his longevity secrets for creating high-value, profitable lifetime customer relationships that work for decades.
  • Dramatically increase your profits AND they won’t cost you anything to implement! By adding “personality” to your advertising, marketing, and communication with customers you’ll see instant results without adding a penny to your current marketing budget.


What You’ll Learn?

  • Create a story so customers are eager for the next “installment”
  • How to use the 7 elements of a personality-driven business as a checklist to ensure that you are creating “exceptional” and emotionally complex characters
  • Learn how to use the two watch words in character development – flaws and evolution
  • Discover 4 ways to writing brilliantly, even if it isn’t your strength, so you can put words on paper and bring your character (which is YOU) to life

Who Is It For?

This course if for any business owner, even those in “ordinary” businesses, who want to add more personality to their copy so that they can develop a more meaningful and interactive relationship with their customer. It is particularly useful for those in the information business who, like the series fiction writer, want to learn techniques to create engaging personality-based copy.

What You Get

  • 2 CDs
  • Complete Transcript
  • Manual with the complete set of Dan’s presentation materials


2 CDs: 1 hour 45 minutes



Contents 3

  • CD 1
  • CD 2
  • Transcript