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Consulting and Coaching Business Boot Camp 2021


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Dan Kennedy - Consulting and Coaching Business Boot Camp 2021

Dan Kennedy – Consulting and Coaching Business Boot Camp 2021



Consulting and Coaching Business Bootcamp


Coaching: Earn $1K – $1M a year as a consultant/coach. Learn the simple/fast route to get clients, maximize fees and deliver your services.


Whether your goal is to earn $100,000.00 or $1,000,000.00 a year as a coach or consultant, Dan Kennedy lays bare all of his tried and tested techniques for client acquisition, fee maximization, delivery of services, and repeat and referral methods. Dan takes you through all of the possible profit centers, as well as potential pitfalls in numerous different business models. It is the millionaire maker at his best for anyone even considering coaching or consulting, this is a MUST.

  • Course topics include:
  • Consulting Services Section
  • Marketing Consulting Services
  • Compensation for Consulting Services
  • Management of a Consulting Business
  • Delivery of Consulting Services
  • Takeaway Selling
  • Coaching Services Section
  • Marketing Coaching Services
  • Management of a Coaching Business
  • Delivery of a Coaching Business

This course is divided into two major sections, Consulting and Coaching. Each module is delivered in a progressive format that builds on the previous audio and lessons learned. It is designed to give you a clear learning path that leads to the desired outcome, which is a thriving consulting, coaching, or both, business.

After completing this course you’ll be completely equipped to jump into the financially rewarding and flexible world of coaching and consulting. You’ll have been equipped to handle all aspects of marketing, compensation, management and delivery of consulting services, and the confidence to approach the marketplace with skill and poise. You’ll have all the information and education necessary to launch into the lucrative and leveraged world of coaching programs, and be prepared to select your model, whether it is group or individual, and drive your business to six or seven figures annually.


What You’ll Learn?

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Identify the best marketing methods and materials to take your business to the stratosphere in either coaching or consulting.
  • Build and execute multi-step marketing campaigns for client acquisition, referral, and preeminence strategies.
  • Structure lucrative consulting agreements that offer profits in both the immediate future, as well as massive upside potential on growth.
  • Manage your consulting practice and any providers with sanity and prioritize time to maximize profits.
  • Understand what delivery of consulting services looks like, how it is done, and how to do it so well clients can’t help but to refer you to others.
  • Craft and deploy unique and powerful marketing for your new or existing coaching business.
  • Create and manage all the moving parts of a coaching enterprise, whether it is for a one-on-one coaching business or a one-to-many coaching business.
  • Presenting your coaching curriculum for maximum impact and change, prompting profits and referrals.

Who Is It For?

This course is a non-negotiable MUST for anyone even considering a consulting or coaching business. It you’re considering either path, Dan will give you a 20 year time machine to fast track your chances of success, while avoiding the most stressful and financially damaging pitfalls along the way. This course is the simplest and fastest study to achieving a preeminent position as a consultant or coach in your field of choice, don’t miss it!

What You Get

  • 11 professionally edited audio recordings of a closed door seminar with Dan Kennedy presenting his full coaching and consulting blueprint.
  • Volumes 1 and 2 that include over 371 examples, illustrations, and teaching slides to follow along with each presentation.
  • Full transcription of all audios for reference to ensure you don’t miss a thing.


This audio course consists of 11 modules. The following times are approximate.

  • Module 1 1hr 19min
  • Module 2 1hr 18min
  • Module 3 1hr 16min
  • Module 4 1hr 13min
  • Module 5 1hr 15min
  • Module 6 1hr 16min
  • Module 7 1hr 15min
  • Module 8 1hr 9min
  • Module 9 1hr 4min
  • Module 10 1hr 18min
  • Module 11 1hr 13min


Information Marketing Curricula

Contents 14

  • CD 1
  • CD 2
  • CD 3
  • CD 4
  • CD 5
  • CD 6
  • CD 7
  • CD 8
  • CD 9
  • CD 10
  • CD 11
  • BOOK 1
  • BOOK 2
  • BOOK 3