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Absolute Autonomy Blueprint


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Dan Kennedy - Absolute Autonomy Blueprint

Dan Kennedy – Absolute Autonomy Blueprint

What’s the dream of every businessperson? It’s running a successful business the way you want to. Dan S. Kennedy presents the Absolute Autonomy Blueprint which focuses on giving you back control of your business.

Achieve total autonomy in your business and get everything the way you want it to be, doing business with whom you want to do business, at the price you want to do it. Discover the factors you need to reclaim the helm and take control of your business. Create a business that makes more money while giving you back your personal time. Ideal for the businessperson who feels that absolute control of his or her business is slipping away, or for anyone who understands that the power of individual freedom is what builds great businesses.

  • Run Your Business on Your Terms
  • Bust Through Barriers That Keep You on the “Business Treadmill”
  • Eliminate The Thinking That Holds You Back From More Money, Time and Success


19 Absolute Autonomy Factors

Dictate the way you want your business to be with Dan’s list of autonomy factors that address things such as what you need to do to create the “toll-booth” effect, what the highest-level skill in the world is and how to develop it, what you need to do, prevent and get rid of, what you need to be committed to in order to succeed and much more.

The “Earned Entitlement” Concept

Open the floodgates to autonomy, independence and control that allow you to create, develop and run the business of your dreams as Dan leads you through this powerful concept. Learn about the pushback you might receive, why that’s not important and what accepting this concept means to your business.

The Absolute Autonomy Implementation Process

Arm yourself with the process to put the Autonomy Implementation Blueprint into effect. Explains the Who, What, Where, and How of the Blueprint and gives you tools, knowledge and resources so you can avoid doing things under disadvantageous conditions and instead run under the most optimal ones.

Dan’s Absolute Autonomy Blueprint Presentation

Get Dan’s guidance delivered in three convenient forms, as a DVD, an audio CD and a printed manual so you can watch, listen or read and effectively put this blueprint into action.